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It’s not difficult to get  a loan for students in Philippines. But for that it is necessary to  know the features of the local currency and all the conditions for granting a loan.

A consultation with a competent lawyer who knows the local realities, will help to avoid serious problems.

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Advantages of the loan for students

The loan granted to students requires a quickly approval. But such a loan has many other advantages, for example:

  • low percentage;
  • possibility of early repayment;
  • there are no strong sanctions and penalties in the case of small delay in the payment of the loan;
  • a wide range of loans with different conditions;
  • individual approach to each student in a local higher education institution.

Philippine banks willingly approve money to students for housing, education and one-time needs. State-owned banks have a higher level of confidence than private ones.

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Where is it better to apply for student loan

There are many Philippine companies that quickly extend loans for education.

Asian Development Bank

Initially, this bank was founded with the aim of stimulating the economic development of Asian countries in the Pacific region. Any foreign or local student studying in Philippines can apply to a bank for a loan. Here you can get a loan for the purchase of housing, payment for education or the implementation of your own business project. The loans can be short-term, medium-term and long-term. The most favorable conditions are for long-term loans. Money is transferred to the customer’s account. Therefore, before applying to this bank for granting a student loan,you need to become a client of this organization,that is to open an account in this bank and get a plastic card,as well as a certificate with your account details. This account will be used for transferring a sum of money, which student asks for loan from the bank. Students have a favorable possibility of early repayment of the loan. According to the statistics, about 80% of the total number of the company’s customers use this option.

Bank of the Philippine Islands

Another state organization that provides loans for students. The main feature of the loan – is the submitting speed, the ability to immediately receive money in state currency (pesos), a large number of benefits and a variety of bonus programs for those who borrowed money. One of  the significant disadvantages that should be noted, is that it is impossible to repay most of the loans earlier. Those loans that can be repaid early, as a rule, are provided on less favorable terms. Students are granted loans on special conditions for the purchase of housing and car.

Interest Rate

12 18 24 30 36
Monthly Add on Rate 1.20 % 1.20 % 1.20 % 1.20 % 1.20 %
Effective Interest Rate (annual) 25.60 % 25.74 % 25.59 % 25.33 % 25.03 %

Philippine National Bank

This state credit organization provides a wide range of loans for the payment of tuition, courses, studying and other types of training or advanced training. You can receive money on a debit card. Student loans are not subject to commission fees. However, each delay in payment for more than three days is fraught with fines and sanctions, because in this bank the client’s punctuality is most appreciated. Foreign students receive a loan on the same terms as local students; no benefits and bonuses are granted to foreigners.

Minimum loanable amount shall be as follows Php 300,000.

Interest Rate

12 Months 18 Months 24 Months 36 Months 48 Months 60 Months
 EIR 9.36 % 9.54 % 9.74 % 9.94 % 10.03 % 10.18 %
 AOR 5.29 % 7.72 % 10.46 % 16.05 % 21.80 % 28.01 %

Loan requirements for students

To the student who applied for a loan, most state and commercial banks have the following requirements:

  • It is necessary to permanently reside in the Philippines for at least twelve months, consecutive;
  • The student mustn’t have debts on other loans, both in Philippines and in other countries;
  • It is necessary to have your own or rented housing. Statistics argue that those who have their own housing are more often approved for loans than those who rent an apartment;
  • Most banks require a student to be a regular customer of a particular organization and have their own account there;
  • Also, to receive a loan on special conditions, the student must provide a document confirming the fact of his education at a local institute or university. You can get this document directly from the university.

It should be taken into consideration that the Philippine credit institutions quite often refuse the loan without explaining the reasons, despite the fact that the student has provided all the necessary documents for them. Most often it happens with foreigners. Therefore, a person who does not know all the nuances of banking in the country, and who does not know the local language well, it is better to apply for a loan accompanied by a lawyer and an interpreter.

How to make a loan for students approved?

To immediately receive money after applying for a loan, you must immediately provide all the necessary documents. Also it will increase student’s chance for loan, if one have a certificate of permanent or temporary income above the minimum subsistence level, which in  Philippines is 30,000 pesos. Also, for the approval of a loan, it is desirable to have a permanent or temporary place of work, in this case student should provide the bank with the document that student combines full-time (part-time) studying with work or services delivery.

Also, it increases the chance for approval of the loan the availability of a guarantor. As a guarantor may act a friend or close relative, as well as a spouse. The length of residence and studying in  Philippines also plays a role: for students of recent years who have already lived in the country for several years, loans are issued more often than for first year students. And, of course, the credit history matters. If the student has already one (or several) times borrowed from the bank and paid the loan on time, the financial institution will gladly meet him next time.

Getting a loan for a student in Philippines is not as difficult as it seems. The main thing is to apply to the verified state organizations and not to agree doubtful offers.

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