Seaman loan

Loan for seaman no collateral

Seamans loan is a loan created specifically for sailors. Conditions and requirements for the loan registration and payment have been specially developed to meet the needs of Filipino workers on the seaside abroad.

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Advantages of Seamans loan:

  • Loan term. The loan repayment period is from 30 days to several years.
  • Quick approval. If you are a good payer, the loan will be approved quickly. Seamans loan is processed almost immediately (within 3 hours), if all necessary documents were presented. The application can be processed maximum within 1-2 days.
  • Low loan interest. Loans for sailors are issued at a low interest (usually not more than 3%).

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Where is it more profitable to take a Seamans loan


The company Entrepreneur has already issued many loans for sailors. It is chosen for seamans loan registration due to attractive processing conditions, flexible loan payment terms and low interest. The company helps to issue a loan at a low interest, only 2% per month! In addition, many sailors who are just beginning their careers are attracted to the possibility of registration under an employment contract from only 6 months.

The maximum loan amount is 500,000 PHP. The loan repayment term is from 6, 12, 18, 24 to 36 months (the term of loan repayment depends largely on the employment contract parameters, employment history and the applicant’s credit history).

Requirements for Seamans loan completion in Entrepreneur company

Firstly the applicant mustn’t formalize an OFW / Seaman.The applicant must have experience working abroad for a minimum of two years in a row (individual contracts for each year can also be accepted, but only after careful processing by the company employee). The applicant must have an actual employment contract close at hand, issued for at least one year, at least not less than 6-12 months at the time of applying for a loan.

At the time of loan repayment, the applicant’s age must be from 21 to 65 years. The applicant must have at least one fixed telephone, at a local place of residence, a foreign place of residence or workplace for communication. Seamans loan is issued to individuals who receive a monthly salary of at least 25,000 PHP (or equivalent in dollars).

The applicant must reside in or near Manila to facilitate transactions.

Documentary requirements:

  1. Fully completed and signed by the applicant a loan form.
  2. A confirmed employment contract from the current employer.
  3. Passport + Seaman’s Book + Seaman’s registration. Certification (SRC).
  4. Valid ID (except passport) – any of the following:
    Company identifier / PRC identifier / driver’s license / SSS identifier / postal identifier;
    Identifiers must comply with the information specified in the application form.
  5. Bank statements, or other equivalent proof of funds transfer for the last 6 months.

OFW Cash Load

In OFW Cash Load company, communication with clients is developed at the highest level. It employs qualified loan counselors. Consultants assist clients free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With such a serious work approach, the company attracts customers; other advantages of OFW Cash Load are indicated below.

Company advantages:

  • Speed ​​of approval. One day of the application consideration (the application will be considered on the same day when it is filled in).
  • No PDS is required for a loan below 300,000 PHP.
  • The funds can be given to another person (the loan will be given to the marriage partner or borrower authorized by the sailor).
  • Free consultation of professionals at any time of the day.
  • There are no additional commissions.
  • The sailor has the right not to pay a loan until the second month (the condition depends on the duration of the contract).
  • Flexible terms of the loan repayment (payment of a loan from 3, 6, 9 months to 1 year, depends on the maritime contract).
  • You can get your money at any ATM at any time – even at the airport.
  • Online application form available for download.

One day of the application processing is possible only if the borrower provides all the correct and complete necessary data and he already has a joint settlement account (if there is a co-borrower); in this case, the decision to receive a loan for the seaman will be taken on the same day. The list of documents is indicated below.

Basic requirements for the sailor’s documents:

  • Standard contract with POEA verification. Only updated contracts are considered valid. You can request a photocopy of this document from your agency or office.
  • Passport (must be updated, last and valid).
  • SRC Book and Seaman’s Book (must be valid and updated).
  • 2 valid primary or state identification documents.
  • The marriage contract (if the borrower is married) or a birth certificate for children, if the marriage partners are cohabitants who have not entered into an official marriage.
  • OEC (confirmed by POEA).
  • The last 2 boardings and landings of the borrower (a printed page from the sailor’s book).

How Seamans loan can be approved

Quick approval basically depends on whether the sailor has his own settlement account and whether he lives in his own house, etc. Applicants must be sure that they have a complete list of documentary requirements, already in photocopies, for faster processing and approval. It is necessary to inform about the minimum loan amount during the interview to a company employee to avoid approval of a low loan amount.

Seamans loan requirements

Loans for sailors are issued after providing the documents:

  1. work contract approved by POEA (with date);
  2. passport, SRC / official note, seaman’s book;
  3. a marriage contract and a certificate or children birth certificate, if the partners are not officially married.0
  4. valid identification photos 2 × 2;
  5. The last deployment contract. Certificate of seaman passport registration
  6. Certificate of overseas activity (Regardless of whether the seaman is on land or at sea).

These are the main documents for Seamans loan applying, a complete list of documents is announced in the selected company.

Example of calculating interest and loan payments

TERM 10 days 20 days 30 days
LOAN AMOUNT 10000 PHP 10000 PHP 10000 PHP
FEE 1% 1% 1%
(4,33/5) 61 voice

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