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Personal loan in the Philippines is a loan issued to citizens to help them meet their basic needs and financial goals. All banks of the islands have their own terms and policies for giving loans, but what they have in common is requirements of monthly payments and stable and fixed interest rates.

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The purpose of personal loans in the Philippines

Citizens of the Philippines can use their personal loan whatever way they want. Most people lend money for such reasons as:

  1. Financing education or school fees;
  2. Real estate purchase or repair;
  3. Medical loan – payment for treatment or surgery;
  4. Paying travel expenses;
  5. Car loan – buying a vehicle;
  6. Purchase of essential equipment;
  7. Startup business loans;
  8. Online loan for special occasions – in the Philippine Islands the loans are given for weddings, graduation parties and other events.

A set of personal loan offers in the Philippines

One can apply for a personal cash loan for individual needs with competitive interest rate and advantageous offers in many Philippine banks. For example:

  1. BPI issues personal loans in the amount of 20,000 to 1,000,000 Philippine pesos (PHP) for a period of six months to 3 years;
  2. Robinsons Bank can quickly give a loan from 5,000 to 250,000 PHP for a period of 6 to 36 months;
  3. Philippine bank AUB CasHelp lets you get online loans from 30,000 to 250,000 PHP for a maximum of 3 years;
  4. In China Bank the amount of a personal loan varies from 20,000 PHP to a million PHP and is issued for a period of one to three years; the monthly interest rate in this financial organization is 1.20%, and the effective interest rate is from 32.73 to 37.24%;
  5. EastWest gives loans for a maximum of three years in the amount of 25,000 to 2,000,000 PHP with a monthly interest rate of 1.49-1.89%;
  6. In UCPB SalarEasy Loan the loan amount can be 50000-300000 Philippine pesos and gets issued for 6, 12, 18, 24 or 36 months;
  7. In Robinsons Bank the amount of a personal loan that is transferred to a bank account is from 5,000 to 250,000 PHP for a maximum of three years, and the interest rate is set under the terms of the bank’s approval;
  8. In Personal Loan one can receive financial assistance from 500 0000 Philippine pesos to a million for a period of 12 to 36 months, the monthly interest rate in this bank is 1.30%.

To find a suitable lender, you can visit our website, which compares the amount and terms of loans, interest rates, loan stocks, benefits and other loan conditions of different financial companies.

The procedure for obtaining a personal loan in the Philippines

A personal loan is given to Filipinos at the age of 21-65 years. Filipino borrowers are divided into 2 groups: workers and self-employed.

Working citizens are those people who work in the same company for at least a year with a minimum salary of 15,000 Philippine pesos (PHP) per month.  To apply for a personal loan, these people are required such documents as: a certificate of employment and income tax, a fresh income statement, new Payslip (s) and identification issued by the government and superiors.

In the concept of Philippine law, a self-employed person must be an entrepreneur for at least 2 years with a minimum income of 30,000 Philippine pesos (PHP) per month. To apply for a personal loan, these citizens need a copy of their company’s name registration, their company’s financial statements for the last 2 years, income tax certificates, bank statements, SEC certificates for partnerships, DTI for individual owners, real identification.

Banks in the Philippines can issue loans for a maximum of 3 million Philippine pesos for personal use.

Classification of personal secured loans

In Philippine banks, personal online loan can be of two types: unsecured and secured. The most popular is the first one, because to obtain an unsecured loan you only need the creditworthiness or borrower qualification and does not require bailing real estate or vehicle. The amount of the unsecured loan can be from 10,000 Philippine pesos to a million PHP for a period of one to three years.

Secured loan is taken when a higher amount is required or when the borrower does not meet the standard qualification requirements of a working or self-employed citizen. To get this kind of loans, a citizen of the Philippines needs to put his property, car or escrow on bail. In cases of non-payment of the loan, the creditor assigns a debtor’s mortgage.

Loans for Filipinos with no bank account

There are loans that Filipinos can get without a bank account – personal loan with no bank account. This type of loans is much easier to get – you just need to fill in a questionnaire on the creditor’s website and receive the requested amount in cash. But this financial aid is given for a short period of time and at high interest or on property bailing terms.

Importance of credit history for Filipinos

A credit history is a report of the loan use and the repayment of a debt. This data affects the borrowers, because it will always be taken into account by all Philippine banks and  based on this data a loan application will be approved or rejected, the interest rate will be increased or decreased. Therefore, Filipinos need to build their credit history very carefully: they should be employed, repay on time and should not have big debts.


According to the information, it can be concluded that in the Philippines one can get a loan transferred to a personal bank account for any purpose or vital needs. The main factor for borrowers of this country is creditworthiness, borrower’s qualifications and a good credit history.

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