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We all have financial demands that can sometimes be greater than our regular monthly income. This brings us then to the need for financial assistance. Several times we can get relief from friends and family, but if those don’t work, are we then left with no other option than to ignore those financial demands? Thankfully, the answer is no. With the availability of personal loan lenders here in the Philippines, you can meet your needs and dreams.

Best online personal loans services in the Philippines

The online personal loan service is thriving largely due to its quick turnaround and flexible requirements. For offline personal loans, they offer secured loans, meaning loans that are long term and need collateral, tenures more than 12 months. BDO offers secured long term loans. But personal loans online are unsecured meaning that they give personal loans without any collateral. But they are also short term loans, which means they range at a maximum tenure of 12 months. Global Dominion Salary Loan, Tala Philippines, Cashwagon Cash Loan are some of the banks that offer flexible unsecured short term loans.

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The guide about personal loan in the Philippines

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The purpose of personal loans in the Philippines

Citizens of the Philippines can use their personal loan whatever way they want. Most people lend money for such reasons as:

  1. Financing education or school fees;
  2. Real estate purchase or repair;
  3. Medical loan – payment for treatment or surgery;
  4. Paying travel expenses;
  5. Car loan – buying a vehicle;
  6. Purchase of essential equipment;
  7. Startup business loans;
  8. Online loan for special occasions – in the Philippine Islands the loans are given for weddings, graduation parties and other events.

Personal loan calculator


Top 7 most popular banking products

Let’s take a look at some of the best personal loan lenders that are in the Philippines:

BPI personal loans: offer a flexible long term loan service. They offer loans unsecured and for up to 36 months. With a loan amount of PHP 20,000 to PHP 1 million, a monthly interest rate of 1.20% and a total interest rate of 25.03% to 25.74%, Bpi has set itself apart as a bank for your needs.

Metrobank personal loans: offering up to PHP 1 million in loan amount for a tenure of 36 months maximum. Their interest rate is subject to their loan calculator available on their mobile page.

Eastwestbank personal loan: offering PHP 25,000 to PHP 2 million. Eastwest has a greater loan offer. Their monthly interest rate is at 1.49% to 1.89%, they also offer existing credit cardholders a total interest rate of 41.62% to 41.94%, while non-card owners get 46.92% to 53.21% total interest rate. Their tenure is from 12 to 36 months.

Maybank personal loan: with a collateral-free loan of PHP 50,000 to PHP 1 million at 12 to 36 months, Maybank has an unbeatable monthly interest rate of 1.30%.

RCBC personal loan: They offer loans of PHP 50,000 to PHP 1 million at a shorter tenure of 6 months up to 36 months. They have no stable interest rate, and lenders will have to accept the rate approved by the bank.

BDO personal loan: giving unsecured loans to workers and self-employed from as low as PHP 10,000 to PHP 1 million, BDO has made a statement. Loan tenure runs for as short as 6 months to as long as 36 months. Monthly interest rates are also favorable at 1.30% for tenures of 6 months and 1.25% for all other tenures. The overall interest rate ranges at 25.98% to 26.76%

PSbank personal loan: offers Flexi personal loan with a prime rebate from PHP 20,000 to a lower maximum of PHP 250,000. Their tenure is at 24 to 36 months with a monthly interest rate of 1.75% if it is a fixed-term loan or 2.5% for a revolving credit line.

To find a suitable lender, you can visit our website, which compares the amount and terms of loans, interest rates, loan stocks, benefits and other loan conditions of different financial companies.

The procedure for obtaining a personal loan in the Philippines

Getting a personal loan, whether it’s an online loan or a loan from a bank branch, can be hectic and missing one thing or doing it wrong can lead you to not getting that much-needed loan. 

Steps for sure approval of a personal online loan in the Philippines:

  • Choose a company to borrow and register on its website or install a mobile application.
  • Check to see if you meet the requirements. Many online loan companies require clients to have Filipino citizenship and address, stable income and a valid ID.
  • Choose the term and amount of the loan and the method of receiving the money.
  • Fill out a simple online form and wait for a decision. It usually takes 1 to 24 hours.
  • Sign the loan agreement using the code that will be sent via an SMS message.
  • Get the money and spend it wherever you want.

Steps required to obtain a bank loan in the Philippines:

  • Before you apply online or in person, be sure to go through the requirements of the bank you wish to loan from and have them ready.
  • Prepare documents confirming your work and income. Find out whether the bank needs a collateral or a guarantor.
  • Go to the branch office or just click on “Apply” bottom on the online page. That should lead you…
  • To a form. Your application form should be filled carefully. Ensure you go through each subject on the form even after filling it.
  • Once completed, you will be asked for the necessary documentation and/or collateral. Bring this to the office and give it to the credit manager.
  • You should get a confirmation from your loan officer about a successful application. This happens if the bank has approved your loan. The bank may contact you and ask additional questions. Answer them honestly and do not try to hide any information.
  • The next step is to wait. It takes a few days, sometimes even a week, to make a decision.
  • If your loan is approved, the bank manager will call you. You can get the money to your account or in cash at the bank. It may take a few days for your account to be credited.

Classification of personal secured loans

In Philippine banks, personal online loan can be of two types: unsecured and secured. The most popular is the first one, because to obtain an unsecured loan you only need the creditworthiness or borrower qualification and does not require bailing real estate or vehicle. The amount of the unsecured loan can be from 10,000 Philippine pesos to a million PHP for a period of one to three years.

Secured loan is taken when a higher amount is required or when the borrower does not meet the standard qualification requirements of a working or self-employed citizen. To get this kind of loans, a citizen of the Philippines needs to put his property, car or escrow on bail. In cases of non-payment of the loan, the creditor assigns a debtor’s mortgage.

Lowest interest personal online loan

Asteria personal loan – 0.9% daily interest rate: offering a daily interest rate of 0.9% makes Asteria one of the best personal loans the Philippines has. Offering loans from PHP 2,000 to PHP 10,000 for first-timers and PHP 20,000 to reoccurring lenders at a tenure of 8 to 10 weeks.

Cashwagon cash loan – your first loan up to PHP 6,000 is absolutely free: offers loans from PHP 2,000 to PHP 6,000 for first-timers completely free of interest. This by far is the best personal loan in the Philippines. For repeat lenders, the loan amount increases to PHP 20,000 at a tenure of up to 6 months.

Atome – fast cash & peso loan online: offers loans from PHP 1,000 to PHP 15,000 for a period of 91 to 180 days. The daily interest rate is at 0.25% and service fees of 0.8% to 0.14%. Although the highest in terms of interest rate, it still stands as one of the cheapest personal loan lenders.

Online loans Pilipinas: offers loans from PHP 1,000 to PHP 20,000 for up to 12 months. First-time loaners get no interest fee while reoccurring lenders are charged 1% interest rate.

Robocash online loan: offers loans of PHP 1,000-10,000 for first-time lenders and up to PHP 25,000 for repeat lenders. Their monthly interest is at 11.9%, their loan tenure runs from 3 to 6 months. This is a very convenient online loan with a high chance of approval.

Personal loan without collateral

Personal loans can be of great help for many people, including those with poor-pay, those without jobs or collateral. It is especially joyous when you find banks that offer personal loans, no collateral involved. Most online loans solve the problem or at least do not dig up the story among the Philippines of how to get a personal loan with no job. This is most favorable if you need start-up capital.

Personal loan sure approval

There is no absolute assurance of getting a loan. And as much as you might follow every rule, there is a chance that you will still be denied. But as a precaution for first-time loaners – be sure to get all documents and requirements even before applying, and for old loaners – make sure to keep a good credit record, as that can be negative for sure approval.

Personal loan online

Personal loans with low-interest rate in the Philippines is offered by many banks and lenders, making it easy for people to get loans. Most requirements are flexible, there is a minimum age requirement of 18, bank account, valid ID, employment verification and collateral (depending on the bank). Whatever your status is (student, worker, or self-employed), the online platform gives flexible and low-interest rate personal loans favorable for all. For personal loans online, apply only after checking their rates and tenure.

Loans for Filipinos with no bank account

There are loans that Filipinos can get without a bank account – personal loan with no bank account. This type of loans is much easier to get – you just need to fill in a questionnaire on the creditor’s website and receive the requested amount in cash. But this financial aid is given for a short period of time and at high interest or on property bailing terms.

Importance of credit history for Filipinos

A credit history is a report of the loan use and the repayment of a debt. This data affects the borrowers, because it will always be taken into account by all Philippine banks and based on this data a loan application will be approved or rejected, the interest rate will be increased or decreased. Therefore, Filipinos need to build their credit history very carefully: they should be employed, repay on time and should not have big debts.


According to the information, it can be concluded that in the Philippines one can get a loan transferred to a personal bank account for any purpose or vital needs. The main factor for borrowers of this country is creditworthiness, borrower’s qualifications and a good credit history.

Comparative table of bank loans and loans online

Bank loan Online loan

Interest rate (per annum)

Not too high

Higher than the bank

First loan at 0% interest rate


In some companies

Loan amount

Average of PHP 50,000 to


Average of PHP 1,000 to 25,000

Loan term

1-5 years from 7 to 30 days
The probability of loan approval Low, about 35%

High, about 80%

Borrower’s documents

Photocopy of the company ID with picture and signature;

Most recent credit card billing statement;

Front copy of the credit card;

A copy of the the borrower’s latest Income Tax Return (ITR);

Payslips for three (3) latest months upon loan application;

Certificate of Employment.

Also other different documents depending on the bank.

ID only

Borrower requirements Philippine citizenship;

Permanent Employee/Self-employed; 

Length of service at the last place of work for 1 year or more;

No adverse credit findings.

Also other different requirements depending on the bank.

Philippine citizenship, valid ID and phone number.

Guarantor / Collateral requirement

In some companies No

A loan with a bad credit history



Availability for the unemployed Not available


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