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The average salary of Filipinos is not high. Citizens of the Philippines earn approximately from 400 to 800$ per month. In this regard, Filipinos are often obliged to take payday loan from microfinance institutions, to cover hospital bills, utilities or to make purchases, which could not be delayed.

Salary loan –  is a common service in the Philippines. It is a short-term cash loan that is granted for a certain number of days and has nothing in common with a Bank loan. The article will tell about the advantages of such loans, requirements for applicants and provide a list of reliable Philippine financial institutions.

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Robocash Ph

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PHP 1000 - 25000
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Online Loans Pilipinas

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Cash Mart
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Cash Mart

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24 pera

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PHP 1000 - 100000
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Sa Tala, magaan ang hiraman

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Loan Load
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Loan Load

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PHP 2500 - 15000
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The guide about personal loan in the Philippines

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Credit online!

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PHP 5000 - 35000
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Find your Equal

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PHP 3000 - 20000
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24 Hour Payday Loans in Philippines

The main advantage of applying to such creditors is a 100% guarantee of receiving money. As a rule, to such organizations apply those who for any reason can not issue a loan or does not want to contact with a Bank. The company has no interest in the client’s credit history (and whether it is at all). Also, microfinance institutions, in contrast to banks, do not require borrowers to provide a large package of documents.

The second advantage is time saving. A person who applies to the credit company, intends to obtain the salary loan immediately, without wasting time on signing contracts, waiting, etc. Completed questionnaires are considered in an hour, and the applicant gets money on the same day.

The third advantage is the individual approach to clients. Before issuing a loan, the creditor gets to know the financial capabilities of the client and his life situation. Therefor,the interest rate is selected (from 0.5% per day) and is determined the maximum period of using the credit (from 5 days to several months).

Online salary loan calculator


Where is it better to take a payday loan

You should learn about  the offers of several companies and make a choice in favor of the best option, in order to the conditions of cooperation fully satisfy the customer. We, therefore, suggest considering the loan programs of well-known Philippine financial organizations:

Asteria Lending Inc Salary Loan Products

A salary loan can be defined as a personal loan which offers a quick solution to any financial issues you might have. It is possible to get a lump sum to help with whatever your needs are. It could be to pay for an unscheduled vehicle repair, to solve an issue in the home or any other thing. The interest rates on these loans provided by Asteria are affordable. It is important to note that a salary loan is much different from a fast payday loan online. Payday or 24/7 online loan are typically borrowings that have a short lifespan. They are usually issues with interest rates that are extremely inflated. In most cases, it is possible for customers to end up paying much more on interest than the actual loan, and that is one of the reasons these somewhat little loans can balloon into large problems later down the line. A quick salary loan is much different, Asteria works on providing you with a workable solution to your financial issues, without you having to be burdened by exorbitant interest rates, or be plagued with repayment terms that are unfeasible.

Asteria understands that not everyone enjoys getting into debt, and that is why it offers flexible payment plans for those who want to pay off their debt as soon as possible or if they prefer longer repayment periods to ensure that their payments are something they can afford.

Salary loan applications are welcome from Filipino citizens who are 21 and older. To be able to get a loan, you will have to be currently employed and to provide certain documentation. Commission based and salaried employees are not left out from being able to apply for a salary loan. You simply have to provide the following:

  • Government issued ID;
  • Company ID;
  • Most recent payslip;
  • You will also be asked to provide proof of address using two different bills.

Robocash Philippines

As with the previous private lender, Robocash Philippines does not offer a salary loan in addition to its payday loan. It has a payday loan option that is uniquely placed to help solve any issues or unexpected expenses that may arise. To be eligible to access the credit facility at Robocash Philippines, you will have to:

  • Be 22 years and older;
  • Be a Filipino citizen;
  • Have a valid government issued ID;
  • Be gainfully employed;
  • Submit supporting documents like payslip, COE, ITR, company ID, DTI.

A similarity that Robocash’s loan offerings have with salary loans is the fact that you do not need a collateral. Since it is not a salary loan, there are no automatic deductions from your salary to repay the loan.

TALA Philippines

Tala does not offer a salary loan service in conjunction with its payday loan. As with all private lenders, both offline and online, you have to be 21 years and older to be able to access the credit facilities at Tala. Its payday loan can be a great alternative to those who want to take care of any unexpected bills.


  • You have to be gainfully employed;
  • You have to provide a government issued identification such as a passport or a driver’s license.

As with a salary loan, a loan from Tala Philippines does not require you to put down collateral. It however differs as you have to make the conscious effort to make your payments. Your debt is not deducted from your salary contributions.


The process of cooperation with this organization consists of the following steps:

  1. The client declares how much he would like to borrow and for what purpose. During the negotiations, the staff member selects the financial program. Commissions for providing services will not be charged from the applicant.
  2. The company approves the request in 5-10 minutes. The client is provided with additional instructions to complete the identification process.
  3. The applicant receives money in a couple of hours on his card or in cash.

Requirements for borrowers:

  • to have the citizenship of the Philippines;
  • the age from 22 to 60 years;
  • availability of a settlement account or a bank card.

The interest rate is calculated from the amount and period of the return of money. A client who receives 20,000 PHP will return 26,000 PHP (in this case the interest rate is 1%). The less the period of use of money is, the higher is the percentage. In case the client  borrows 5 000 PHP for 30 days, he will return 6 500 PHP (30% rate). You can use the online calculator on the main page of the website Monily to calculate the percentage.

Cash Mart

This is an online organization that offers Filipinos to borrow money via the Internet. The principle of cooperation is the following:

  1. The future borrower fills in a questionnaire on the web site. Within 24 hours, the staff member of Cash Mart communicates with him for further details.
  2. The applicant sends photocopies of documents to the company’s mail, and after that is waiting for confirmation of the online application.
  3. Money arrives at client’s account within a few hours.

Requirements for borrowers:

  • the age from 21 to 60 years;
  • to have the citizenship of the Philippines;
  • to have an officially confirmed source of income.

Cash Mart provides a personal salary loan, the amount of money is from 5 000 PHP to 50 000 PHP. The minimum interest rate is 3.6%.


The process of cooperation is similar to the previous one. To confirm the identity in this company, along with a passport, an additional document is presented: a driver’s license, the ID of a company employee, etc. If the client formalizes a loan for covering utilities, MoneyTree requires a copy of the invoices.

The approval for the payday loan comes quickly – within 24 hours. The available loan amount is from 2 000 to 10 000 PHP. The minimum rate is 10%. You can use the calculator on the main page of the company’s website to calculate percentage.

AUB CasHelp Loans

Everyone goes through financially difficult times, but that does not mean you should not show your employees that they are more than just numbers to you. AUB CASHelp is a multipurpose salary loan which can be extended to employees from accredited companies. These employees have to meet the minimum requirements to be able to access such easy and fast online loans. The way this loan works is to offer seamless access to credit for employees with convenient repayment schemes through salary deduction.

For you as an employee to be eligible, you have to:

  • Be a regular employee for a minimum of one year;
  • Have a mean basic wage of Php 10,000 per month;
  • Your monthly amortization should not exceed 25% of net income;

The loanable amount is:

  • Minimum loan amount of Php 30,000;
  • Maximum loan amount of Php 250,000;
  • The loan term is maximum of 36 months;
  • The mode of payment is via salary deduction;
  • Interest rates, other terms and conditions are determined subject to bank’s approval.

As an employer that is looking to provide access to such a scheme, you will have to show the following:

  • Company / Employee Profile;
  • Latest General Info Sheet;
  • Audited Financial Statement for the latest 3 (three) years;
  • SEC Registration Certificate.

Maybank’s Salary Loan

Maybank’s Salary Loan offers employers the ability to empower their employees. The truth is that productive employee are those that are happy. When employers connect with Maybank, they are able to provide their workers more than just a livelihood.

Maybank’s Salary Loan allows your company to empower your employees by enabling them to take personal loans in values ranging from as low as Php 15,000 to as high as Php 500,000. There are very flexible payment terms of 1 year, 18 months, 2 years or 3 years. Since the interest rates are fixed, the personal loans are very convenient and affordable for the needs of your employees.


There are quite a lot of benefits to be associated with the Maybank’s Salary Loan the Philippines lending for both employers and employees.

For employees, they are able to have seamless access to cash for any expense they might have, either unplanned or planned. They are also able to do this by accessing a payment scheme that is hassle free, especially when you consider that all the payments are made via salary deductions. It is possible to get a loan of around 5 times of their monthly take home pay without having to source for a co-pay.


To be eligible, a company would have to be accredited by Maybank. For the company to be accredited, it has to fulfil the requirements below:

  • It must be operating profitably for at least 2 years;
  • It must have at least 50 permanent employees;
  • It must be SEC-registered.

For employees to qualify, they have to meet the following requirements:

  • Must be at least 23 years old, but not more than 57 years old upon salary loan application;
  • Be permanent and regular employees of an accredited company;
  • Have no pending administrative cases with the company;
  • Have gross monthly salary of at least Php 10,000, if work tenure is 2 years, or Php 15,000 if work tenure is 1 year.

The following documentation would be needed if you want your company to become accredited:

  • Company profile;
  • Copy of audited financial statements for the latest 3 years with ITR;
  • Fully completed application form for accreditation;
  • SEC Registration, Latest General Information Sheet, Articles of Incorporation and By-laws.

For your employees to be fully accredited, they will need the following:

  • Fully completed application form;
  • Photocopy of the latest 1 year ITR of BIR Form 2316;
  • Certificate of Employment with compensation or 1 month original payslip;
  • Photocopy of the company ID or government-issued ID with 3 specimen signatures.

Cashwagon Cash Loan

Cashwagon is an online private lender that focuses on providing access to loan to individuals that are usually unable to access loans via the traditional methods. Cashwagon offers loans for all purposes without the need for collateral, complicated approval methods or even long wait periods. Whilst Cashwagon requires you to be employed before you can access its loan facilities, it does not have a specific service that caters to salary loans. The loan process that Cashwagon offers is fully online, so you do not have to worry about having to go to any office. You can simply go online on your phone and apply.

Citi Salary Loan

Citi Salary Loan is a great program that can be classified as a variant of Citi Personal Loans. There are numerous benefits associated with this loan:

  • You can be approved in as quickly as 24 hours;
  • You gain access to flexible terms lasting up to 48 months;
  • You do not need a guarantor or provide upfront collateral to access this loan;
  • You are able to access a much longer loan limit compared to that of other services and loans;
  • You simply pay from your salary deductions.


  • You have to be aged between 21 and 65 years to access this loan;
  • You have to have been employed in a company that has been accredited for this loan scheme within the last 12 months.

For accredited BPO companies:

  • At least 3 years in the current job;
  • Minimum annual income of Php 250,000.

For Citi Affiliate companies:

  • 1 (one) valid government-issued ID with photo and signature;
  • Completed employment attestation form with signature of Immediate Supervisor and Group Head;
  • Screenshot of your employee profile in the Global Directory;
  • Duly accomplished application form.

For other companies:

  • 1 (one) valid government-issued ID with photo and signature;
  • Any of the following income documents: a payslip for the latest 1 month, Certificate of Employment, BIR 2316 or ITR;
  • Duly accomplished application form with HR Endorsement via:
  • Section 08 of the Salary Loan application form or Attached email endorsement from the Company’s HR authorized signatory with the complete details below:
    • Employee’s Name;
    • Employee’s ID number;
    • Date of Hire;
    • Position;
    • Attestation that the applicant is a regular employee without pending resignation;
    • If the applicant has pending resignation, the effective date of resignation has to be specified;
    • Attestation that the customer’s employment details provided are true and correct;
    • Attached income documents of the employee.

EC Credit Salary Loan

The salary loan provided by EC Credit differs from the rest on this list for the very reason that only government employees are eligible to access this loan. Thankfully, other than the requirement of being a government employee, there are little to no requirements for you getting your cash in a quick manner.

Global Dominion Salary Loan

Global Dominion offers a salary loan with limited requirement to ensure that people are able to access loan facilities when they need to. As with all loans, you have to be between 21 and 60 years old, employed for at least one year and have a minimum salary of 25,000 per month.

Landbank Salary Loan

Landbank offers an Electronic Salary Loan or eSL which is an electronic based loan product open to eligible employees of private institutions and government agencies. This product differs from the previous ones on this list for the very fact that it is an online platform. It makes getting a loan much easier to obtain. To be eligible for this loan, you have to:

  • Be employed in a participating private institution or a government agency;
  • Have an employment record for up to a year;
  • Be 22 years and older.

Requirements for the payday loan

The rules of different companies are mostly similar. Absolutely all organizations are ready to cooperate only with adult citizens of the Philippines, who have a valid passport and a stable income.

Some organizations offer low interest rates (from 0.5 to 3%), but are less loyal. Such organizations require to prove formally what will be the money spent on. Also, the applicant is obliged to confirm his ability to pay – to provide a notification from the workplace or in any way connect the staff member of the credit company with the employer.

How to make the payday loan be approved?

To get a quick approval of the salary loan, you need to have a stable income. Despite the fact that such companies rarely pay attention to the borrower’s credit history, having a good history will be an advantage.

Creditors verify the information specified in the questionnaire. Therefore, you need to be as honest as possible filling in the document: specify all available coordinates for communication, pay attention to each point.

When specifying the address, mobile number and other coordinates, you need to carefully recheck what was written. Any misprint can be perceived as an attempt to hide information about yourself, which reduces the chances to obtain the loan.

Applying for a payday loan is a good deal. The borrower receives money on the day of application and can return them within a couple of weeks without overpaying thousands of pesos. It is easy to understand the principle of interest rates calculating. You need to multiply the desired amount of money by the minimum percentage, and then multiply the result by the number of months the credit is expected to be used. This number should be added to the amount of the loan and then the whole amount divide by the number of months of using the money. This way can be used by customers who apply for a personal loan while they contact the company personally.

Example of calculating interest and loan payments

TERM 10 days 20 days 30 days
LOAN AMOUNT 12000 PHP 12000 PHP 12000 PHP
FEE 1% 1% 1%
(4,39/5) 281 voice

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