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Puregold Finance, Inc. (PFI)

Is Puregold Finance legit?

Any financial company that wants to work in the Philippines is required by law to receive the appropriate permission. The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is responsible for this. On the official website sec.gov.ph you can find lists of companies that have been tested and are trustworthy:

We checked the company Puregold Finance and found it in List of Financing Companies, here is its data:

Number 556
Financing Company Name PUREGOLD FINANCE, INC.
Registration No. AS94000973
Certificate of Authority 143
Anniversary Date 02-Feb-1994

We found the company Puregold Finance in the list of registered organizations on the SEC website, which means that it works in the Philippines under the law, has passed all the necessary inspections of the supervisory authority and can be trusted!

Loan parameters

Min amountMax amountMin termsMax terms
10000 PHP230000 PHP

1. Age

Age from over 18 years old

2. Time to review

From application to receipt of money
2 weeks

3. Other conditions

About Puregold Finance, Inc. (PFI)

Puregold Finance, Inc. specializes in issuing personal and corporate loans to individuals and organizations. It is one of the leaders in the Philippine lending market.

History of the company

Puregold Finance, Inc. was founded in 1994. The first office began work in Binodo. Today branches operate in 30 localities of the state. Including in Manila, North and South Luzon, Metro South District and Metro North District.

The advantages of Puregold Finance, Inc.

Offerings include various financial products. This list includes puregold loan, which allows you to get the amount for urgent needs. A puregold salary loan chosen by the borrower for an urgent solution to a financial problem in case of a large purchase. Puregold cash loan is provided, directed to those who plan to receive funds both by transfer to the account and in cash. 

Applications for the provision of funds are accepted from private and corporate clients. An important condition for approval is personal positive credit history. Registration of the application is possible on the official website of the organization. Providing quick money is possible only after specifying passport data. Additional documents confirming the client’s financial viability for fast loans are not required. For example, puregold salary loan requirements, issued with a minimum number of documents, including only on the basis of a passport.

Types of provided loans

The company develops a line of profitable financial offers for each borrower. For example, puregold finance inc salary loan requirements, which is drawn up online and approved within a few minutes. 

Also in the company’s line of loans there are:

  • personal loan on the passport;
  • real estate loan;
  • instant loans;
  • car loans and others.

The company’s clients fill out an application for receiving funds online and receive a puregold finance loan, which helps to find the necessary finances for a major purchase, including real estate.

All loan offers are beneficial to customers. Full early repayment is possible without fines and commissions. The prolongation of loans and profitable refinancing on new terms is carried out. Requests for providing funds to owners of bad loans with overdue payments are considered. Including a puregold loan application form, issued on personal terms or a puregold finance inc salary loan, which is issued before salary or in case of urgent expenses. The company offers profitable cooperation to each client.


1. Fill in the form

You fill out an online application and send it to us

2. Wait 20 minutes

We review your application and make a decision

3. Get money

You are guaranteed to receive money for a bank card


The citizens of Philippines aged over 18 years old
Your data is used only for credit processing and transmitted through a secure channel. We guarantee the preservation of your personal data and non-disclosure to third parties (exception - cases provided by law).
Go to the website «Puregold Finance, Inc. (PFI)», select the amount and term of the loan and press the "Apply now" button. Fill out the form and accept the terms of the loan. Get the money to the specified bank account.


  • Address: Federal Tower, Binondo Manila, Philippines 1006
  • Phone: +63 919 615 4468
  • Email: [email protected]

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