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Is Pondopeso legit?

Any financial company that wants to work in the Philippines is required by law to receive the appropriate permission. The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is responsible for this. On the official website sec.gov.ph you can find lists of companies that have been tested and are trustworthy:

We checked the company Pondopeso and found it in List of Lending Companies, here is its data:

Company Name Fynamics Lending Inc.
Registration No. CS201821621
Certificate of Authority 2781
Anniversary Date 28-Sep-2018
Interest Rates 14.00%
Tenor per annum

We found the company Pondopeso in the list of registered organizations on the SEC website, which means that it works in the Philippines under the law, has passed all the necessary inspections of the supervisory authority and can be trusted!

Loan parameters

Min amountMax amountMin termsMax terms
5000 PHP40000 PHP1421

1. Age

Age from over 18 years old

2. Time to review

From application to receipt of money
1 hour

3. Other conditions

About Pondopeso

PondoPeso is one of the unique Fintech platforms in the Philippine to provide you with financial mobility whenever and whatever. Our services is based on mobile internet security technology and big-data analysis innovation.

Brief information about the company

Is Pondo Peso legit the company’s activities are legal. Registration – Philippines. Works according to clauses of the Law of the Republic of the Philippines No. 10173.

To get a loan Peso Pondo loan, it is not necessary to visit the office. The assessment of the client’s solvency is carried out automatically. The company is characterized by the fastest audit, underwriting of applications.

How does it work?

    • Find PondoPeso on Googleplay Store
    • Download and register with your phone number
  • Provide your identity information
  • Expect your loan decision within 30 minutes
  • Choose different ways for disbursement
  • Build your credit with PondoPeso for higher limit by paying back on time!

Special Quality of PondoPeso

Paperless Online experience : no need an unconventional form, no need to go out to sign a contract, all process will be done by online in the phone. Only takes around 5 minutes to apply.

Increasing limits: We provide higher limit and lower interest rate to loyal customers.

Safe and Confidential : PondoPeso protects all users’ data and won’t be informed to any parties without agreement with our customers.

Service with Quality : If you have any questions, please contact us via our online service provided by the app or call our customer service number. We are willing to serve you at anytime.

  • Loan Term: No less than 91 days
  • Anual Interest rate: Up to 10.05%

Transaction fee: zero

Benefits of the service

If you compare the review of Pondo Peso review with other credit organizations of the Philippines , you can see the main distinguishing feature – the company issues loans through a mobile application. It fits the main Android operating systems. Customer registration is done through the device ID. Other advantages of the platform:

  • Fast loan processing – in 8 minutes. Maximum time for crediting funds to the account – 1 hour.
  • Transparent credit conditions. The commission for the entire term is immediately announced to the client, if he calls the Pondo Peso Hotline support service, or is prescribed in the electronic version of the contract.
  • Providing loan funds only by ID number (passport).
  • No need to scan documents and print the contract. Registration is carried out only online.Registration is made in the mobile app. According to Pondo Peso reviews, this simplifies the lending process.
  • Loans are available 24 hours a day.

Types of loans

Pondo Peso lending is represented by fast loans. They can be obtained by adult individuals who live permanently in the Republic of the Philippines. The company does not cooperate with legal entities, does not issue loans secured by property.

How can I get a loan from Pondopeso Philippines

  1. You simply head over to the www.pondopeso.com website and register using your phone number and valid means of identification. Once this is done, you can apply for a loan.
  2. To get a loan using the Pondopeso app, you will have to head over to the Play Store and download the Pondopeso app. Once installed, you register using the same process you would use on the site (phone number and valid identification).
  3.   How much can I get for my first loan from Pondopeso?

Your first Pondopeso online loan is usually between Php 1000 to 2000.

Can I get another loan from Pondopeso Online?

You are able to get another loan if you have paid your balance on any previous loan on time.

How much interest rate does Pondopeso Philippines charge?

Pondopeso interest rate is:

  • 11% for loans with a term of 21 days;
  • 15% for loans with a term of 30 days.

How long does it take for my money to appear in my account after being approved by Pondopeso online?

Getting your money after being approved for your loan typically takes one business day. That being said, it can take a bit longer if you choose a different payment method.

I haven’t received my SMS code, what should I do?

If for some reason the SMS code does not appear on your phone, you should resend the code request to have your Pondopeso login sent to you.

I entered the wrong bank information, what can I do?

If you happen to enter the wrong bank details, you do not have to worry as Pondopeso will verify that the bank account given matches your ID. Once it doesn’t the funds from the loan will be sent back to Pondopeso without any interest attached to them.

Is it possible to refuse a loan that’s already been confirmed?

Once you have confirmed for a loan, it is not possible to refuse it. Confirmation means signing the loan agreement.

My loan application was denied, what can I do?

If you meet the legally mandated requirements for a loan and have not had any issues like prior late payment, then it could be that your application was denied in error. In this case you should reapply for the loan.

Does Pondopeso Philippines have an option to extend the loan term?

At this moment, it does not offer any way to extend the loan term.

Return a Loan

We will notify you of the deadline by SMS, reminding you when to repay the loan. You can repay the loan by ATM Transfer. Upon successful transfer, PondoPeso will automatically receive proof of payment and treat your loan as paid. PondoPeso also allows early repayment of loan. Once you paid back your loan, you will eligible for borrowing with us again with a higher limit.

Is there a way to pay off my loan using a bank card?

You can go to Pondopeso Online website, locate the payment section, and select the bank card to pay off your loan.

Can I pay my debt in cash?

As of this moment there isn’t any way to pay off your loan using cash.

Pondopeso Philippines Help and Support

If you happen to have an issue, it is possible to reach out to Pondopeso using their dedicated phone line and email address.


1. Fill in the form

You fill out an online application and send it to us

2. Wait 20 minutes

We review your application and make a decision

3. Get money

You are guaranteed to receive money for a bank card


The citizens of Philippines aged over 18 years old
Your data is used only for credit processing and transmitted through a secure channel. We guarantee the preservation of your personal data and non-disclosure to third parties (exception - cases provided by law).
Go to the website «Pondopeso», select the amount and term of the loan and press the "Apply now" button. Fill out the form and accept the terms of the loan. Get the money to the specified bank account.


  • Address: 37 K,LKG Tower,6801 Ayala Ave Makati City Manila Philippines
  • Email: [email protected]

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Joelivene Jayobo
Joelivene Jayobo

How do you transfer the loan after the application ? So it basically needs to provide for bank account number?


Hello kung mag loan po ako ng 40k mag kanu buwan buwan ang babayaran ko at ilang buwan kong babayaran?


You’ll pay it within 14-21 days. Wala silang monthly terms. Mga roughly 52k ang baabayaran mo within 14-21 days.

Kathleen Rose T poquiz
Kathleen Rose T poquiz

Wag mo NG itry miss magloan dito. Magsisisi ka Lang po. ako nga nakapagpay din pero Hindi pa full payment pero umabot ako sa due.
Tinext nila lahat ng contacts ko saying idedemanda daw ako,cnbi p halaga NG inutang ko at Ang masama pa dito tinakotakot nilA Yung mga tinetext nilang contact saying idedemanda ka nilA dahil ikaw ay GINAWANG reference. Dalawa Lang ginawa Kong reference,halos lahat tinext nila at tinakot NG lending app na Ito. Kya wan na po utang na loob wag na po. Nag file na po ako SA NPC.


wag nyu subokan. baka magaya lng kayu sa amin.


kelan nila nitext contact mo, right after your due date?


Paano po ba e cancel ma’am yung perang inutang ko sa pondo peso hindi pa namn nakarating sakin yung pera

Dianne mateo
Dianne mateo

Paano po nila nalaman contacts nio

Ana marie bueno
Ana marie bueno

Do you any contact number

Mariel Agreda
Mariel Agreda

Cancel niyo na lang ang account pondo peso! ilan araw ko na kayo na pinag sabihan! Ayusin niyo ang system.. Kala ko sa cs na kausap ko sa customer service! Gagawin niya na paraan! Baka hindi niyo ginagawa trasaksyon

Maryknoll Vidal Nunez
Maryknoll Vidal Nunez

May system issue b? Hindi k ma click yung numbers para s transaction password k. My phone is perfectly fine.


Do you have customer service hotline. ? It’s been days since my due date. And I can’t pay because my contact number was lost. I tried contacting you everyday sisince before my due date but no responses at all anywhere.


Very poor costumer service,not responding at all.. Application still stock up with transferring…


Sainyo po b no ito madaling arw po kse eh alam. Ko. Po. Sarado kayo sat at Sunday


Pondo peso paid nko SA balance ko as of last week until today zero credit limit parin Ako, na add ko na lahat ng account ko to increase the credit limit


Same tayo


Ano po ginawa niyo?


ano o contact number nila? nwla po kse yung phone ko, nakalog in pa po dun yung pondo peso ko, may tumwg lang skin na kybgan ku sinisingil dw ako e wla n nmn akong utang sa kanila