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High Amount and Low Interest

Is PesoQ legit?

Any financial company that wants to work in the Philippines is required by law to receive the appropriate permission. The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is responsible for this. On the official website you can find lists of companies that have been tested and are trustworthy:

We checked the company PesoQ and found it in List of Lending Companies, here is its data:

Registration No. CS201816691
Certificate of Authority 2739
Anniversary Date 08-Aug-2018
Interest Rates 4.00%-6.00%
Tenor per month

We found the company PesoQ in the list of registered organizations on the SEC website, which means that it works in the Philippines under the law, has passed all the necessary inspections of the supervisory authority and can be trusted!

Loan parameters

Min amountMax amountMin termsMax terms Rate
5 000 PHP20 000 PHP913650.06 per day

1. Age

Age from over 18 years old

2. Time to review

From application to receipt of money
from 1 minute to 24 hours

3. Other conditions

People over 18 years old, have a stable mobile number and a stable source of income.

Example of calculating interest and loan payments

TERM10 days20 days30 days
LOAN AMOUNT10000 PHP10000 PHP10000 PHP


Still feeling worried about money? Want to change your phone or make another major purchase? Now you have nothing to worry about, PesoQ loan сan solve all your problems. PesoQ credit platform is designed for unsecured online loans with pesos, it can solve all your problems about money. Peso is registered with the SEC and its interest rates are legally approved.

How to get a PesoQ loan

PesoQ lending is one of the earliest online lending platforms in the Philippines . If you are over 18 years old, you have a stable mobile phone number and a stable source of income, you can come to PesoQ to get a loan in peso. We will increase the limit and term of the loan based on your credit rating! The more data you provide, the higher your credit rating will be. 

Borrowing takes only 4 steps: 

  • Download the PesoQ app.
  • Fill out the pesoq loan application form with reliable details.
  • Wait until we review your application.
  • Get a loan (bank transfer, electronic wallet, etc.) 




  • Unsecured 

PesoQ – an absolutely unsecured platform for online loan. Only a credit card number is required. You will get a loan at pesoq at a favorable interest rate.

  • Easy to use

Just download the PesoQ app – for quick lending and online lending in pesos, no need to go out, no signature required. It won’t take much time to fill out an application; to get a loan you only need your phone! If you have any questions, please call the Pesoq contact number +639 271160484 and the operator will help you.

  • Quick approval

Your application will be approved in the near future, but depending on the payment system of the bank, it may take from 1 minute to 24 hours. 

  • Privacy and security

PesoQ protects all user information, and we will not transfer your personal data to third parties without prior consent. 

  • Convenience of payment. 

Payment can be made through online banking, minimarket (7-11, M. Lhuillier), bank transfer, electronic wallet (GCash,, CLiQQ, etc.) If you have questions, contact the company pesoq by contact number.

Where can I read the Pesoq reviews and Pesoq complaints?

You can see them on the Pesoq loan App page. Here are some of them.

Feedback helps people analyze company information and make the right choices.

There are positive reviews:

  • PesoQ never fails me whenever I need an immediate cash. It is a very good app kudos to the people behind it. I just wish that they could give their repeat clients like me longer term to pay so we could prepare the payment in a timely schedule.
  • I’m so amazed with this app. So easy to apply and fast approval. It’s my first time to apply, and they approved it immediately! Thumbs up ako sa inyo and well recommended ito ang na to. The customer service is also very accomodating. Thanks PESOQ!

There are also negative reviews:

  • The app is fast. But not satisfied with the fees. I loan 4500, I’m going to pay 4,655 I was so happy to think that they will just charge me a 155 pesos but then I’ll double check I was wrong the amount I will receive is 3,120.
  • Why is that previous loan was easy, used the front camera for face detection. But now, can’t reloan using the back camera even using a mirror and follow screen instruction. Always failed and retry.


1. Fill in the form

You fill out an online application and send it to us

2. Wait 20 minutes

We review your application and make a decision

3. Get money

You are guaranteed to receive money for a bank card


The citizens of Philippines aged over 18 years old
Your data is used only for credit processing and transmitted through a secure channel. We guarantee the preservation of your personal data and non-disclosure to third parties (exception - cases provided by law).
Go to the website «PesoQ», select the amount and term of the loan and press the "Apply now" button. Fill out the form and accept the terms of the loan. Get the money to the specified bank account.


  • Address: 2nd Floor, Aseana Power Station, Macapagal Ave., cor Bradco Ave., Tambo, CITY OF PARAnAQUE, NCR, FOURTH DISTRICT, Philippines
  • Phone: +639 271160484
  • Email: [email protected]

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Please cooperate how to change name details on form pesoQ ??how to collect the money

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Please call me at this # 09363039220, This is Medeliza Gatchalian

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Hello! Please call the company directly +639 271160484 or write to [email protected] to solve your question.