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Lending companies in the Philippines

If you urgently need money, you can contact one of the credit companies. It can be difficult for a beginner to choose a safe and profitable option. That is why you should use credit aggregators that offer the most current offers.

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The advantages of lending

Drawing up a loan in the Philippine lending corporations, you are guaranteed to get:

  • low interest rates, minimum overpayment;
  • the opportunity to quickly receive funds for urgent needs;
  • a simple process of registration, a minimum of documents and confirmations;
  • lack of collateral and guarantors.

Most credit institutions offer a fully automated process for accepting applications through the Internet. You do not need to go to the office of the company, just leave your request on the site and you will be contacted.

The list of credit companies

If you have not decided on a choice, use a credit aggregator to search for money lending companies. The organizations listed below are verified and popular among Filipinos. Turning to them, you are guaranteed to receive a response to the request and a high level of service.


If you need a short-term loan (from 10 to 80 days), contact PERA247. The lender issues from 2,500 to 15,000 pesos to all adult citizens (who have reached 21 years of age). Upper threshold of age is not limited. The application is considered within one working day. Funds are issued at 0.83% per day. The financial institution has its own official website through which you can apply for a loan.


The finance company offers loans for up to one year. The rate is 0.5% per day. A PERAJET customer can receive between five and thirty five thousand pesos. It is possible to draw up a bank product from twenty years. The application is submitted through the site, in the online mode. It will be considered instantly. To calculate the monthly payment, use the built-in calculator.


Residents of the Philippines aged 21 to 70 years can apply for a loan in Robocash. The maximum repayment period is a month, the minimum is a week. You can draw up a loan in the amount up to 25 thousand pesos. You will need a telephone or a computer with Internet access to submit an application and contact the credit company operator.


The organization offers personal loans for large sums – up to 100 thousand pesos. It is possible to draw up a loan for up to 112 days, the rate will be 1.5% per day. Consideration of applications will take no more than two working days. You need to provide a minimum of information about yourself. You do not need to deposit a collateral and look for guarantors to draw up a consumer loan.


CASHALO loans are issued at one of the lowest interest rates – just 0.3316% per day. The maturity is chosen by the client, it can vary from 15 to 45 days. To get up to 10 thousand pesos online, just fill out the application and wait for its approval. The rate is fixed. For more information, contact your lending company’s online advisors.

The basic requirements for obtaining a loan

In order to successfully draw up a banking product, the client must comply with the following requirements:

  1. Adult age. People aged not less than 21 and not more than 65 years old can get a loan. There are separate categories of banking products for students and people of retirement age.
  2. Stable income and permanent place of work. In some cases, certificates of permanent employment may not be required.
  3. Positive or absent credit history.
  4. Availability of residence permit, citizenship and residence in the Philippines. Banks of the country do not issue loans to foreign guests without a residence permit and permanent residence.

Neglecting one or more of the listed requirements may result in rejection of the application.

How to get an approval

Most companies pay special attention to the client’s credit history. If you have not repaid or overdue loans in other banks, the likelihood of approval is markedly reduced. If there is no credit history, this will not be a barrier to getting a loan in most companies. It is advisable that you already have experience with banking products.

The more additional documents will be provided to the bank, the better. Confirm your viability and solvency by bank statements, a certificate of income from work, even documents for housing and a car. This will increase your rating in the eyes of the lender.

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