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Is Handy Loan legal?

Any financial company that wants to work in the Philippines is required by law to receive the appropriate permission. The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is responsible for this. On the official website sec.gov.ph you can find lists of companies that have been tested and are trustworthy:

We DID NOT find the company Handy Loan in the list of registered organizations on the SEC website, if you decide to contact them for services, carefully check all documents, it may not be safe!

Loan parameters

Min amountMax amountMin termsMax terms Rate
2500 PHP20000 PHP901800,6% per day

1. Age

Age from over 18 years old

2. Time to review

From application to receipt of money

3. Other conditions

Example of calculating interest and loan payments

TERM10 days20 days30 days
LOAN AMOUNT10000 PHP10000 PHP10000 PHP

About Handy Loan

Loan Products

  • Loan Amount: ₱2.500 — ₱20.000
  • Loan Tenor: 91 — 180 days
  • Interest Rate: Up to 24% per year, please check when applying.
  • Other fees depend on the loan product you choose.
  • Example: If the loan amount is ₱10.000 and the interest rate is 20%, the interest will be paid is: 10.000 * 20% = ₱2.000.
  • User Requirement: Over 18 years old

Why choose Handy Loan?

Simple design — Everyone can use it without any guidance.

No collateral required — If you are a Filipino over 18 years old, you can send your request online.

Various products to choose from — A variety of fast loans have been integrated into Handy Loan. We will continue to update more new products.

Simple process — No paperwork is required. You only need to fill out a simple form online.

Quick approval — The Loan products will transfer within 30 minutes if all goes well.

Multiple repayment options — You can choose the repayment option that suits your needs. You can’t feel it in your daily life.


1. Fill in the form

You fill out an online application and send it to us

2. Wait 20 minutes

We review your application and make a decision

3. Get money

You are guaranteed to receive money for a bank card


The citizens of Philippines aged over 18 years old
Your data is used only for credit processing and transmitted through a secure channel. We guarantee the preservation of your personal data and non-disclosure to third parties (exception - cases provided by law).
Go to the website «Handy Loan», select the amount and term of the loan and press the "Apply now" button. Fill out the form and accept the terms of the loan. Get the money to the specified bank account.


  • Address: Unit 109, Building E Lancaster Cebu Resort Residences, Matumbo-Pusok Road, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015 Cebu, Philippines
  • Email: [email protected]

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