Collateral Loans in the Philippines

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The scheme for issuing collateral loans in the Philippines is relevant in a manner similar to any developing densely populated country. The basis of modern economy is lending, and the beginning businessman of Southeast Asia usually does not have sufficient starting capital. The rise of the Philippine standard of living is also developing the mortgage industry, and microloans for household items in the high price segment. It often becomes profitable to take a new loan and use the real estate as a collateral with an increase of the price of housing.

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Loan Load

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PHP 5000 - 50000
from 61 to 365 days
interest rate
for 2,3% per day
24 pera
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24 pera

Probability of approval is 95%!

PHP 1000 - 100000
from 61 to 365 days
interest rate
for 1,28% per day

Advantages of collateral money

Borrowing collateral loans on the islands is quite profitable. The Philippine peso for the past five years has fallen in price to the dollar by a quarter. The normal tendency of a developing country. In Manila, Quezon City, Davao, there is a boom in small and medium-sized businesses, and collateral money is readily issued by local banks. Local residents do not need a separate bank account for such a collateral. Interest rates are low enough to make it profitable.

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Where is it better to take collateral loans


This site is actively recommended by many Filipino sites related to problems of issuing collateral loans. There are no banking requirements. The processing time is at least one working day. Limit on a loan without collateral is a few tens of thousands pesos. Less than a thousand dollars at the current rate. For large amounts, the collateral is required, it is assessed and then agreed on the loan amount.

Asialink Finance

This financial-credit group deals with secured loans with car as collateral. Only cars released later than 2000 are accepted, with a full package of documents and a certificate from the transport department. A pressing requirement for the Philippines on all counts. There are a lot of old cars in the country, but they have no collateral value at all.  The amount is agreed after evaluation. Trucks are accepted with any manufacture year – for the same reason, their commercial efficiency is higher.

Citi Personal Loan

A solid credit institution. The collateral money limit is up to two million Filipino pesos. The upper limit is set for elite real estate. This borrower is characterized by a progressive interest rate. For a relatively small collateral, additional payments are less. As a result, citizens with financial problems can repay the loan much faster.

Esquire Financing Business Loan

This firm declares low requirements to the person to be credited. A card is not required at all for a deposit. The interest on payments is about twelve. Acceptable conditions, because it is covered by inflation. The service is recommended in case of problems with documents, because it works very quickly.

BDO Asenso Kabayan Secured Personal Loan

The most democratic service, only 9% as a monthly payment. The limit is negotiated individually, but it is on average the same as that of other credit institutions. The borrower is very reliable and with a good history.

Requirements for collateral loans

As any collateral system in the world, secured loans with car or house as collateral have their own stringent requirements. The first obstacle in the way of lending is solvency. The financial company will certainly check the official employment, credit history and available property.

How to get collateral loans approved

The traditional practice is to bring a surety, have a well-paid job or a highly liquid mortgage. The quality of collateral directly affects the final loan amount and the deferral term. It´s better to trust the organizations with average interest rate on the market, or those that have very good recommendations.

Example of calculating interest and loan payments

TERM 10 days 20 days 30 days
LOAN AMOUNT 20000 PHP 20000 PHP 20000 PHP
FEE 1% 1% 1%
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