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Online Cash Loan for Filipinos

For Filipinos, cash is still one of the most popular forms of funds. Unlike in other countries, where most purchases are made online and through bank transfers, many of the Filipinos still use cash. That is why a loan cash is one of the most sought-after loan products in the country.

Paper money is still used to buy food, pay bills for water and electricity, in calculations on leases, education, etc. This explains why the loan cash for Filipinos is still number one among the fastest forms of financing.

Citibank Philippines
(3,5/5) 163 voice
from to days
Money Cat
(4,42/5) 243 voice

Money Cat

Fast, simple and safe

PHP 1000 - 20000
from 14 to 28 days
interest rate
for 2,5 per day
(4,8/5) 25 voice


Only 4 steps to get a loan

PHP 1000 - 20000
from 90 to 180 days
interest rate
for 0.03 per day
(4,79/5) 1597 voice

Robocash Ph

Free loan up to PHP 10 000, for each new client!

PHP 1000 - 25000
from 7 to 30 days
interest rate
for 0 % per day
Online Loans
(4.61/5) 499 voice

Online Loans Pilipinas

Money in your pocket in minutes!

PHP 2000 - 20000
from 7 to 30 days
interest rate
for 1% per day
24 pera
(4,76/5) 854 voice

24 pera

Probability of approval is 95%!

PHP 1000 - 100000
from 61 to 365 days
interest rate
for 1,28% per day
(4.32/5) 268 voice


Get financing for whatever you need now

PHP 2000 - 20000
from 61 to 90 days
interest rate
for 0,8% per day
(3,17/5) 41 voice


The guide about personal loan in the Philippines

PHP 1000 - 10000
from 7 to 60 days
interest rate
for 0,5%. per day
Upeso Lending
(4.3/5) 259 voice


Out of money? Find peso!

PHP 3000 - 12000
from 7 to 28 days
(4,55/5) 258 voice
PHP 1000 - 10000
from 15 to 45 days
interest rate
for 0,3316 % per day
(3.81/5) 42 voice


Responsible Borrowing, Ethical Lending

PHP 10000 - 2000000
from 1 months to 36 months days
interest rate
for 0,26 per day
(4,3/5) 357 voice


Sa Tala, magaan ang hiraman

PHP 1000 - 25000
from 21 to 30 days
interest rate
for 0,5% per day
My cash
(4.1/5) 557 voice

My cash

Urgent loans for all!

PHP 2000 - 25000
from 7 to 30 days
interest rate
for 0,8% per day
(2.4/5) 173 voice


Only 4 steps, 10 to 20 minutes, and money will arrive swiftly.

PHP 3000 - 20000
from 7 to 60 days
interest rate
for 1% per day
Cash Mart
(4.33/5) 489 voice

Cash Mart

The most convenient loan!

PHP 5000 - 30000
from 7 to 30 days
interest rate
for 0,8% - 3,5% per day
(3.59/5) 1324 voice


Cash Made Easy

PHP 5000 - 15000
from 7 to 35 days
interest rate
for 1% per day
(4.73/5) 876 voice


Credit online!

PHP 3000 - 10000
from 5 to 30 days
interest rate
for 0,65% per day
Vidalia Lending
(3.74/5) 243 voice



PHP 2000 - 15000
from 30 to 60 days
interest rate
for 0.6% per day
(4,41/5) 325 voice
PHP 5000 - 35000
from 90 to 365 days
interest rate
for 0,5 % per day
Loan Load
(4.6/5) 627 voice

Loan Load

Round-the-clock loans in the Philippines

PHP 5000 - 50000
from 61 to 365 days
interest rate
for 2,3% per day
ACOM Co., Ltd.
(3,8/5) 127 voice
PHP 5000 - 100000
from 180 to 365 days
interest rate
for 4,563% per month per day
(3.98/5) 435 voice


The most convenient loan!

PHP 2500 - 15000
from 10 to 90 days
interest rate
for 0,83% per day
(4,11/5) 282 voice


Find your Equal

PHP 25000 - 240000
from 30 to 1080 days

Advantages of a quick cash loan

This form of lending is very convenient, because approval is quite fast and you can get a loan cash immediately, without waiting for bank transfers, which according to the rules of VISA can take 3-6 days.

Funds for any purpose can be transferred on the same day: education, utility payments, buying or repairing cars, health, buying household appliances, repairing and even family rest.

Determine the size of your cash loan


The Philippines Cash Loan Sure Approval

You might have a wonderful job. You might be earning quite a lot of money each month, however, if there happen to be some unexpected financial issues, then it is necessary to enlist the help of a fast and easy solution to solve the issue. Savings and monthly salaries are at times sufficient enough to handle the issue of an unexpected expense. But what if there are not enough and you find yourself in dire straits, how would you be able to get out of that situation?

You simply locate a lender that offers personal 24/7 cash loans in the Philippines for that you can be confident that you will be approved for.

You simply approach the said lender and apply for a loan. There are numerous online platforms which you are able to apply for a quick loan on relaxed terms. That being said, you have to become approved for the loan first of all. You are bound to receive your money the moment your loan becomes approved. That being said, you have to know that cash lending interest rates will apply.

In the event that your loan application is not approved, the financial situation that necessitated you getting the loan in the first place is still unresolved. So, how do you ensure that you get your Philippines quick cash loan application approved? You do this by maximizing your chances of approval.

To be able to get a Philippines online loan with 0 interest, you have to be trustworthy. This is especially important in the world of finance and business. To be able to get a loan you want, you need to inspire the faith of your loan lender in your ability to repay this loan. To show this, there are certain criteria you have to meet before you can be considered for the loan. Thankfully, these requirements are not as stringent as ones you would face with when you apply for a bank loan. The most typical requirements include the submission of the following documents:

  • Government issued identification.
  • Credit report.
  • Age.
  • Proof of citizenship.
  • Proof of ability to pay.
  • Proof of employment etc.

If you have previously taken out a personal loan and paid it back on time, you are more likely to get approved for a loan over someone that has a history of late payments or defaults. You have to make your payments within the stipulated time periods. You really have nothing to lose so get your urgent cash loan today.

No interest loans

It can be quite difficult to find loans that do not have interest charges attached to them in the Philippines, as in a 0 interest loan. But you are able to find low interest loans which lower the barriers to entry when getting a loan is of necessity. Just because they are hard to find, it does not mean that there are no such kind of loans. These interest rates typically vary but the highest is around 1.89%.

Easy Cash Loan

Easycash is a technology oriented financial services firm which offers credit to people that meet the requirements as well as small businesses. It has the driven goal to ensure that people are able to get the correct access to loan services that they require.

There are three different types of loans available for individuals that want to use Easycash to access loans. There is the personal loan, the seafarers’ loan and the business loan. Each type of these loan services has their own distinct requirements.

The Personal loan enables you to sort out whatever financial issues and unexpected expenses that may arise. You can get a loan from 5,000 to 10,000 with a duration of a month to 2 months.

Onecash Loan

Onecash promises to give you a great loan experience by ensuring that you are quickly certified and approved, enabling you to take care of any financial issues that have arisen. You are also able to track the status of the application using its mobile application. Getting a personal loan from Onecash is very easy and the payment options are flexible, enabling you to pay at a rate that is convenient for you. There are numerous advantages to using Onecash, with one being the fact that it has an extremely convenient payment plan, with a one-time service charge valued at 0 to 20%. You can get a loan with a duration from a week to 2 months, so long as it suits your needs.

CashWagon Philippines

Cashwagon is a Philippines based online consumer lender which aims to provide premium financial services to serve the needs of prospective customers. What is great about this online lender is the fact that you do not need collateral to get an online loan fast. How fast, you might wonder? You are able to get your cash loan in 1 hour. There aren’t any stringent requirements, complicated approval procedures or even hours of waiting that appear to last forever. You are able to get a loan that suits your needs with an easy repayment plan ensuring you do not overstretch yourself. With Cashwagon, you are able to get a loan valued at anything from 2,000 to 6,000. You do have to be currently employed. You can also apply for this loan if you are not employed but have a steady income. It is imperative that you are 20 to 60 years of age before applying for this loan.

Upeso Cash Loan

There is a lot to be said about Upeso, considering that it is one of the new online private lenders providing instant cash loans online. This is a great option for those that are looking for a quick loan with no collateral. Other than that, you also have to be of valid age to be able to apply for a loan. Upeso offers loans to individuals that are seeking for instant or fast cash loans with zero interest rates and  are unable to get loans through the conventional means. You are able to get a loan from Upeso if you are a Filipino citizen, aged between 22-60 years and of course have valid means of identification provided by the government. You also have to be registered on the site before you are able to access a loan. Upeso is a great source of loans for individuals that have no collateral as there are no collateral clauses to getting loans from Upeso. You simply have to provide the above prerequisites and a phone number that has not been blocked.


Cashcat is an online private lender that focuses on providing access to loans to individuals that are usually unable to access them via the traditional methods. Cashcat offers loans for all purposes without the need for collateral, complicated approval methods or even long wait times. To get this loan, you will have to demonstrate that you are gainfully employed, as well as offer up the proof of identification to show that you are a citizen. As with other personal loan lenders, you have to be over the age of 21 to be able to access any loan facilities.


Cashalo is more complicated than most other online platforms, but you can get your loan faster, meeting up with all the requirements. They offer loan to those who are employed, so you have to provide proof of employment or registration. It is compulsory to register on this platform online with your phone number to be able to access loan facilities.

You will require the following documents to access loans on this platform:

  • Identity card issued by the government;
  • Work identification/ employment letter/job identity card;
  • Payslip;
  • Bank account details;
  • Proof of billings.

In essence, they require proof that you have the ability to repay the loan with cash lending interest rates as high as 6.95%. If you meet all the requirements, your loan will hit your account in no time upon completion of the process.

Where is it better to take a loan cash

The loan can be obtained both from banks and from specialized credit institutions. To do this, you simply need to prepare all your documents (for example, proof of income, valid IDs, loan status, latest payroll) before applying to ensure prompt data processing and accordingly quickly register a loan cash. When deciding to take a loan, remember the following:

  1. Cash flexibility. It is necessary to choose the creditors that allow the client to get the money in various ways.
  2. Payment methods. The loan should be formalized in companies that offer different methods of payment, so that overdues can be avoided.
  3. Conditions of crediting. You should carefully read the contract, carefully study the measures taken by the creditor in case of late payments.
  4. Customer’s credit history. In order to avoid problems and delays in processing, you should always maintain a good credit status; that allows you to establish your credibility as a borrower.

Consider several companies that provide cash loans.


The company retains 1,500 PHP for processing information. The amount is retained from the funds provided. The repayment is carried out by annuity (identical) payments. The percentage of using a loan cash is 10% per month. For overdue penalties, an additional 10% of the monthly payment is required, but not less than PHP 300. When changing the loan amount, the client should pay the standard commission of 500 PHP.

An example of the calculation of interest and terms on loans

Loan Duration Interest Rate
6 months 1.29%
12 months 1.22%
18 months 1.21%
24 months 1.22%
36 months 1.25%

Security Bank

The minimum loan amount provided by Security Bank is 30,000 PHP. The maximum is 1 000 000 PHP. In spite of the lack of the desired efficiency (the term for the application approval is 5-7 banking days), the organization provides a long repayment term – up to 36 months.

An example of the calculation of interest and terms on loans

Loan Duration Interest Rate
Cash loan 12 months 1.39%
Cash loan 18 months 1.49%
Cash loan 24 months 1.59%
Cash loan 36 months 1.69%


All employed borrowers have an additional rate of 1.1% per month. An additional rate per month for self-employed borrowers is 1.3%.

Borrow as little as PHP 50,000 or as much Php 1,000,000. With competitive rates, fixed monthly installments and flexible payment terms of 12, 18, 24 or 36 months, we make it more affordable for you to get what you need. Collateral-free!

An example of the calculation of interest and terms on loans

Loan Duration Interest Rate
12 months 1.60%
18 months 1.60%
24 months 1.50%
36 months 1.50%

Home Credit

Applying for a loan with Home credit is as easy as filling the downloaded form you get from the online platform. You will have to provide proof that you are able to repay these loans, which comes in the form of your proof of employment. In essence, you will have to provide all the necessary credentials in getting a loan from a traditional financial institution.

You will get your loan directly to the bank account, details of which are specified by you when you provide proof of identification, proof of employment, payslip, bank details, and evidence of billings. And if you meet the requirement of Home Credit, you can get your loan without stress.

Requirements for a cash loan

Since such loans are classified as credit, their formalization does not require a large number of documents as a general personal loan. For the procedure registration, it is necessary to satisfy the following requirements:

  • the borrower’s age should be from 20 to 65 years;
  • the client must have permanent employment;
  • all self-employed persons must have ITR declarations or bank accounts;
  • the employee should provide a completed questionnaire; the more uncompleted fields, the less chances for application approval;
  • all contact numbers must be valid; the applicant must also have his / her account in email;
  • the client must have two valid identifiers.

Some quick cash loans, for example, offered by Cebuana Lhuillier require less. A quick cash loan, requiring registration, can be obtained from BPI BanKO, as well as account in BPI for filing the application.

Average interest rates are from 2 to 5 percent for quick loans, and loan amounts start with 2500 Php. The loan amount can reach 500,000 Php for payroll loans.

Most of the loans offered by Filipino organizations involve repayment within 2 months. The customer must keep up with payments in order to avoid additional penalty interest. For accredited bank payroll loans, the holdback from the salary is automated every month.


People are more used to using their smartphone to access platforms and information online. Platforms are now creating mobile apps that make it easier to access them.

You can do much more with mobile apps, such as getting real-time notification of activities on the platform. There are several online apps for lending money in the Philippines, and here are some of the top platforms and what you will require to register on these platforms.

Get easy access to loans and control the progress of the loan with these apps. Check out the best apps and the process of downloading these apps and registering on them.


To get the PondoPeso app, visit the site and register with your phone number to apply for the loan. During the process, you will require your phone number and a government-approved identity card.

The app is also available on Playstore, and you can install it directly on your phone. There is the same requirement to register with the app as you did on the website. The first loan you can get on PondoPeso ranges from Php 1000 to 2000.


Being an online private lender, GCash offers great flexibility in getting a loan with regard to traditional financial institutions. The activity of the financial institution is intended to make it easy for people to access loans conveniently.

To get a loan on this platform without hassle you will have to comply with the following requirements:

  • The age range is between 22 to 60 years old;
  • You must be employed or have proof of steady income;
  • Any government-approved form of identity is accepted;
  • A bank account for completion of the loan.


Register on the platform by using Pesoloan along with any government-approved identity card and a viable phone number. You can upload your driver’s license or passport on the platform to complete the registration and apply for your first loan.

On Playstore, simply search for the Pesoloan app and install it on your phone for an easy access to the platform. Your first loan ranges from Php 1000 to 2000, and you will be required to pay 20% on each loan.

Tala Philippines

Go to to register with your working phone number and valid identity card to access all sections of the platform. With the phone number provided, you will be contacted to complete the process, after which you may select the amount you need.

Download the app from Playstore and get easy access to the platform whenever you need to access Tala. You should note that the first loan ranges from Php 1000 to 2000.

Atome Credit

Visit the site to create an account on Atome Credit and get full access to the sections on the platform. The registration is straightforward, using your phone number along with a viable government identity card. You will have full access to the platform after the completion of the registration with your working phone number.

To get the app on your phone, search for Atome Credit and Playstore and follow the prompts provided as you download it on your phone. The registration process is the same as when registering on the website along with a valid identity card and a phone number. Get full access and select the amount of money you want to collect on the platform. Note that, like all other platforms, the range of your first application ranges from Php 1000 to 2000.

How to get a cash loan

For getting a cash loan it is not necessarily to be a financial consultant or director of the company for 10 years. Failures in credit history are also allowed, but they must be closed, all overdues should be paid on time.

Here are a few basic principles for improving the chances to obtain the funds:

  1. The bigger amounts were taken earlier, the higher is the chance to get a loan for any amount. Availability of big funds in the bank gives you opportunity to have a larger advance payment and larger cash reserves and it’s an ordinary scheme.
  2. Official employment increases the chances of application to be approved. All corporate work phone numbers must be valid. It is advisable to avoid cellular numbers in the employer’s contact list.
  3. According to statistics, most Filipinos who had the first application approved, got a salary of more than 200% of the monthly payment. The credit organization carefully assesses all the risks and verifies that the client can afford to pay interest and only then approves the application.

And for sure the main rule is no any kind of deception. Practice shows that even a small attempt to deceive the bank’s security service results in the fact that credit organizations can blacklist the applicant forever.

Example of calculating interest and loan payments

TERM 10 days 20 days 30 days
LOAN AMOUNT 12000 PHP 12000 PHP 12000 PHP
FEE 1% 1% 1%
(4,62/5) 394 voice

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