UnionBank in the Philippines

The Union Bank of the Philippines is also well-known as UnionBank. This one has been the biggest bank in this Asian country for a lot of years. Moreover, this stable financial company is trusted by the government and cooperates with it hosting accounts of the users of the Government Service Insurance System.

One of the main advantages of this bank is that it is easy to use its service. The clients will be able to send funds not only throughout the Philippines, but also around the entire world. They can even see their incomes and outcomes with their account on internet Bank which is not difficult to use. Also it is for those who have access to the service of this organization to cooperate with its consulting group. There is a phone number shown in the site of the bank, and everybody is let to use it in any time and to ask questions about the facilities of the company.

Nowadays this bank is thought to be one of the most productive financial organizations in the Philippines because it uses innovative technologies. That is why its service not only works faster than others, but also keeps the information about bank accounts and the amount of money its customers have in the safe place.


UnionBank has a long history, and most of the events what happened several years ago are significant for the development of this company these days.

This financial organization was founded on the 16th of August in 1968. For the first time this bank was documented as a company which provided the inhabitants home loans and was used in order to save money.

One of the most essential moments for this bank happened in 1992. On the 29th of June of that year the shares of this company were in the list of Philippines Stock Exchange. And only a month later after that event UnionBank received a special license which allowed it to provide its service around the whole world.

One year later, in 1993, this bank coalesced with International Corporate Bank also known as Interbank. Moreover, UnionBank was amalgamated with International Exchange Bank in 2006 even though their previous try was denied by its owners.

Additionally, one of the most important decisions has been made by the owners of this financial company recently. A couple of years ago they started using blockchain technology while working in order to decrease the amount of energy they consume. Furthermore, they are going to expand the utilization of scheme, and it will help them to minimize their expenses.

However, this bank also began to use this technology in order to engage those locals who did not have a bank account (there are about 75 % of adults living in the Philippines who have not had it yet). Nowadays even elderly people use this financial service.

Also only this year UnionBank has signed a contract with Visa. That is why now it can provide its service not only for the individuals, but also for the companies.

Ownership of the UnionBank

According to the information which is shown on the official web page of the bank there are several companies which own this organization. Here is a list of the main holders:

  • Aboitiz Equity Ventures has got 49,628% of all the shares of the bank;
  • The main social insurance program in the Philippines called the Social Security System is the owner of 26,87% of the stock;
  • The Insular Life Assurance Company has about 18% of all the shares of UnionBank in its property;
  • Only 4,751% of all the shares are in a property of Public Stock.

Main branches and ATMs of the UnionBank

UnionBank is widely used in the Philippines because it has made the most unique system of branches and automatic teller machines also called ATMs in this island. This equipment helps to commit financial transactions without people’s support. It does not only save costumer’s time, but also makes the all the processes with money.

When you visit the website of this company, you will be able to find the map which will show you where are ATMs of UnionBank are situated in the district you need. Just enter the town or a particular area where you are. After that the program will show you the list of the brunches located near you. Moreover, you will be demonstrated when the particular ATMs open and close. The system is convenient because most of the brunches open at 9 p.m. and close at 3 a.m. Also they are available every working day. However, you will be able to find this service working even on weekends.

If a customer wants to learn more information about the Union Bank of the Philippines, he can go to the website which is easy to use even for those people who do not know anything about programming. The most recent information is uploaded there. However, if one does not want to use the internet for this purpose, you can call to the phone number and the consultants of the company will tell him all the details.

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