Top 25 Free Finance Mobile Apps-2020 in Philippines

Loan apps are becoming increasingly popular – more and more Filipinos prefer to draw up a loan just by taking a smartphone into the hands and opening the app. In the Appstore, GooglePlay, Playmarket and other stores you will find a lot of programs through which you can draw up a loan. But the question is: can you trust each such offer? Won’t there be a write-off of funds for installation of a particular program?

For your convenience, we present a table that contains the best free online loan apps Philippines. You can be sure of the security of your funds and personal data.

App Publisher Store Ranck
GCash — Buy Load, Pay Bills, Send Money Mynt — Globe Fintech Innovations 1 APPLY NOW
UnionBank Online app analyticsUnionBank Online Union Bank of the Philippines 2 APPLY NOW
Pera Asia  Pera Asia 3 APPLY NOW
PayMaya - Shop online, pay bills, buy load & more! app analyticsPayPal Mobile Cash: Send and Request Money Fast PayPal Mobile 4 APPLY NOW
My Home Credit Philippines Home Credit Philippines 5 APPLY NOW
GoPeso--Fast Credit Cash Loan Online Pera Utang app analyticsGoPeso-Fast Credit Cash Loan Sumulong Financing, Inc. 6 APPLY NOW
Tala — Fast Online Cash Loan Tala Mobile 7 APPLY NOW
Net Loan - Fast Online Cash and Peso Loans app analyticsNet Loan — Fast Online Cash and Peso Loans Net Loan 8 APPLY NOW
ING Philippines - Digital Bank app analyticsING Philippines — Digital Bank ING Bank N.V., Manila Branch 9 APPLY NOW
ExpertOption - Mobile Trading app analyticsExpertOption — Mobile Trading ExpertOption 10 APPLY NOW
IQ Option – Online Investing Platform app analyticsIQ Option – Online Investing Platform IQ Option 11 APPLY NOW
Robocash - Online Loan Philippines app analyticsRobocash — Online Loan Philippines ROBOCASH FINANCE CORP. 12 APPLY NOW Wallet
Coins Asia 13 APPLY NOW
Opeso - Peso Loan Online app analyticsOpeso — Peso Loan Online OKLIK LENDING 14 APPLY NOW
Cashwagon — Mabilis na Pautang Online
 Green Money Tree Lending Corp. 15 APPLY NOW
Amihan - Fast Online Peso Loan app analyticsAmihan — Fast Online Peso Loan 9F LENDING PHILIPPINES INCORPORATED 16 APPLY NOW
BDO Personal Banking BDO Unibank, Inc. 17 APPLY NOW

BPI Mobile app analytics
BPI Mobile
Cashmore - Fast Online Cash and Peso Loans app analyticsCashmore — Fast Online Cash and Peso Loans Support888 19 APPLY NOW
Moneycat MoneyCat 20 APPLY NOW
Fast Cash app analyticsFast Cash FCashTeam 22 APPLY NOW

Atome Credit — Fast, Easy Cash Loans Online
Atome  PH 23 APPLY NOW
PesoAgad - Fast online cash loan app analyticsPesoAgad — Fast online cash loan Fintopia Lending Inc. 24 APPLY NOW
Lemon Loan - Fast & Easy Cash Loans Online app analyticsLemon Loan — Fast & Easy Cash Loans Online JOYWIN LENDING INVESTOR,INC 25 APPLY NOW

Top-5 apps review about the best mobile loan apps 

GCash App

GCash Application – an application that allows you to turn a mobile phone into a virtual wallet. With it, the user can pay for purchases and transfer money at the speed of a text message. GCash App allows you to easily and quickly make various transactions without cash!

Using this app, the user can pay for purchases in online stores without using a physical card. To do this, the American Express Virtual Pay card related with the mobile wallet is used.

Another feature of GCash is a free withdrawal of funds from the electronic payment system PayPal. GCash also allows you to transfer cash from bank accounts at Bank of the Philippine Islands and Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation. This application is considered one of the most convenient ways to cash out in the Philippines.

Among other functions of this application, it is worth noting the possibility of receiving money transfers from Western Union and MoneyGram systems. To receive money, just enter the transfer number. Using GCash, users do not need to visit the stationary branches of Western Union and MoneyGram.

A feature of the application is the presence of the GScore bonus system. Regular use of GCash allows you to collect a large number of bonus points that open access to credit funds. GCash provides an opportunity to increase your budget through the GCredit service. Users can get an access their own credit line. The minimum loan amount in this application is 3 thousand Philippine pesos.

GCash also provides an opportunity to conduct investment activities.

Tala App Philippines

Tala application – a mobile app that allows you to get a quick online loan in 5 minutes. Loan funds are credited to the client’s bank account or electronic wallet. Borrowers can also get their money at the nearest Tala office.

Tala app a great opportunity to calmly manage your finances. Users of this app may not worry about where to get money for business development, tuition, home renovation, purchase of household appliances and other everyday needs. To obtain a loan through this application, only one document is required confirming the identity of the client. In this case, the borrower does not need to provide collateral or surety.

Tala allows you to get a loan for a period of 21 or 30 days. In the first case, the size of the one-time commission will be 11%. When applying for a loan for a 30-day period, a one-time commission will be 15%.

This application provides loans ranging from 1 to 2 thousand Philippine pesos. Borrowers can use applications such as 7-Eleven, Cebuana Lhuillier, M Lhuillier or to pay off debt. The user has the right to repay the debt in full or in part at any time within the term specified in the loan agreement.

Among the advantages of this app is worth noting:

  • simplified application process;
  • almost instant response from a loan officer;
  • high security of transactions and confidential user information;
  • the possibility of using tips on financial education that will help to properly budget and reduce your expenses.

MoneyCat App

Money Cat application – a financial and technical platform designed specifically for residents of the Philippines. It provides financial mobility to Filipinos and the possibility of instant borrowing at any time of the day. This application is based on mobile Internet security technology and Big Data analysis.  

Money Cat application allows to receive the credit for the term from 90 to 180 days. The annual loan rate through this application is 16.6% per month. Borrowers are not charged for the transaction. This service is available only to Philippine citizens over the age of 20.

The main advantage of Money Cat is the ability to obtain the necessary borrowed funds, being at home or in the office. The whole process of drawing up a loan agreement is carried out online. It takes no more than 5 minutes to register an account, submit an application and conclude an agreement. 

Among other advantages of the fintech platform Money Cat should be noted:

  • the possibility of increasing limits;
  • low interest rate for regular customers;
  • security and privacy of user data;
  • operational support services, which can be contacted directly in the application or by calling the hotline.

You can repay loan in any 7-Eleven, LBC, Bayad Center, Robinsons Department Store, SM Payment Counters or ECPay Center. You may also pay online, use Bank Cash Payment or GCash. There are many good loan applications, but MoneyCat is one of the best lending app Ph.

PeraAsia App

PeraAsia applicationa mobile application that allows residents of the Philippines to get a quick online loan. To do this, it is enough to fill out the form and apply. According to statistics, more than 95% of PeraAsia users receive a positive response from loan officers. This is one of the best lending app.

To get a quick online loan, a potential borrower must follow these steps:

  1. install PeraAsia;
  2. provide your personal details;
  3. confirm your account;
  4. choose microfinance company;
  5. conclude a loan agreement.

PeraAsia app provides such benefits:

  • round-the-clock search of lenders;
  • remote registration (the borrower can apply at home or in the office);
  • minimum probability of refusal;
  • simple application form;
  • transparent terms of cooperation and the absence of hidden fees;
  • high approval rate of applications (more than 95%);
  • lack of requirements for attracting guarantors and mortgaged property.

PeraAsia app services are available exclusively to individuals aged 20+. It usually takes no more than two minutes to process an application from clients. Potential borrowers can draw up loans ranging from 1 to 30 thousand Philippine pesos. The minimum loan term is 61 days, the maximum is 360 days. As the loan term increases, the interest rate rises.

My Home Credit App Philippines

My Home Credit appa mobile app that allows you to get cash loans at a minimum interest rate. The installment of credit payments in this app is only 28 Philippine pesos per day. 

Home Credit App provides loans for any purpose. Users can get credit funds for business development, purchase a new smartphone, pay for training, repair a home or car and meet any other daily needs. 

Functionality of My Home Credit Philippines is available to potential borrowers in the case of the provision of two documents confirming the identity and age of the client. If you have a full package of documents, the application will be considered within 1-2 minutes.

Among the advantages of the Homecredit app should be noted:

  • ability to track loan status;
  • the ability to pay for goods and services in supermarkets, 7-Eleven, Shopwise and Puregold stores, Cebuana Lhuillier and MLhuillier services, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation and the GCash application;
  • high level of security of money and confidential user data;
  • operational work of the customer technical support service, which is ready to answer any questions in the application or by the hotline;
  • availability of individual offers and interesting promotions for users of My home credit Philipinnes mobile app.

Installing My Home Credit will allow the users to get full control over their loans and regular payments.  This is one of the best mobile app company in Philippines.

So, you saw the list of 25 best online loan app Philippines. Choose the one that suits you and wish you a successful loan!

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