Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation is one of the most popular banks in the Philippines. RCBC operates under the license of the Central Bank of the Philippines for commercial and investment banks. The head office of RCBC is located in Makati City on Luzon Island. Today, the activities of this bank include such financial services as consumer lending, issuance of credit cards, investment banking, money transfers, asset management, etc.


The history of this bank began in 1960. In the first years of its existence, RCBC specialized exclusively in the Philippine market. However, several years after the establishment, this bank switched to the Philippine-Chinese financial services market. This activity is a priority to this very day.

The first branch of RCBC was opened in Manila in 1964 (Binondo district). In 1967, Alfonso Yuchengko, the founder of the YGC group of companies, became chairman of the board of directors of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation. Yuchengko’s international relations allowed RCBC to establish cooperation with leading American and Japanese financial corporations. The international experience of the bank contributed to an increase of corporate clients, and cooperation with the United Finance Corporation of Japan opened the Japanese banking services market for RCBC.

In the 1980s, there was a significant expansion of RCBC and the opening of a large number of branches throughout the country. This bank continued to expand its influence in the key area of financial activity of the Philippines – export. Due to this, this institution has managed to establish long-term relationships with many foreign companies.

In 1986, RCBC successfully placed its shares on the Philippine Stock Exchange. A year later the range of services of this bank significantly expanded. Now customers have the opportunity to draw up mortgage loans, credit cards and use other popular banking services today.

Already in the 90s, the RCBC branch network expanded to 287 branches and 5 additional representative offices. Furthermore, this bank had its foreign representative offices in Hong Kong, the United States and Italy.

Bank property

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation is the majority owner:

  • YGC group of companies;
  • one of the largest conglomerates of Southeast Asia Malayan Insurance;
  • Philippine insurance company Sun Life Financial;
  • construction company EEI Corp;
  • best educational institutions of the Philippines;
  • car dealerships.

RCBC also has several subsidiaries and divisions. In 1996, Sberbank RCBC was founded, providing deposit products, car loans, real estate loans and personal loans.

In 1998, RCBC Forex Brokers Corporation was established. This organization specializes in trading currencies and currency contracts.

RCBC Capital corporation was created to provide banking, consulting and investment services. The services of this organization include the underwriting of shares and securities for private or public placement. RCBC Capital also specializes in financial advisory services and loan syndication in the Philippine peso or national currency. The scope of activities of this subsidiary additionally includes market and corporate research, as well as the organization of traditional and electronic securities trading on the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Another subsidiary of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, Bankard Services Corp., was established to provide credit card services.

It is worth adding that RCBC also owns the microfinance organization Rizal Microbank. This organization has 15 representatives in Mindanao and Southern Luzon. In 2013, microfinance company Rizal Microbank became world-famous thanks to the opening of the first bank branch, built from recycled container vans.

Main branches and ATMs of RCBC

RCBC has offices in all major cities of the Philippines. You can find out the addresses of branches and ATMs of this financial institution on its official website. It is worth noting that most of the branches of this bank are open from 9:00 to 16:30. Some offices operate not only on weekdays, but also on Saturdays (from 9:00 to 13:00). The latest information on the working hours of a particular branch can be found on the official RCBC website.

ATMs of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation allow to meet the financial needs of the clients of this bank round the clock. It is worth adding that the RCBC contact center works 24/7. Thanks to the help of professional employees of this bank, customers can quickly solve any financial issue.


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