EastWest Bank in the Philippines

EastWest Bank was established on July 6, 1994. He was granted an official commercial license to conduct credit activities. The first two branches were opened in 1994, on 1 August.


EastWest Bank-ranked tenth in terms of assets among other banks in the Philippines. Included in the Filinvest group. It is one of the largest conglomerates in the country. The founder is Andrew Gotianun. The headquarters of the Association is located on the territory of Beaufort. In the condominium building.

It stands out from its competitors EastWest Bank advanced customer service system. The Bank was one of the first to introduce an online system to serve visitors. That allowed to carry out quickly, without serious time expenses, delivery of services to physical, legal entities. Advertising, presentation of the company-at the proper level.

In 2004, EastWest Bank received the prestigious “Best website” award in the “Banks and Finance” category. The competition is the most prestigious in the field of design in all the Philippines. Another advantage of the Bank is the presence of 129 offices across the country, 145 ATMs. Such coverage is provided by the merger of AIG Philam Savings Bank.

After the merger, EasrWest Bank took sixth place in terms of volume and number of targeted loans for the purchase of cars and real estate. Credit cards of the Bank-one of the most popular in the country. The company is constantly growing and pursuing an aggressive policy. On may 7, 2012, EastWest Bank joined the Philippine stock exchange. On July 31, 2012, the Bank was granted a universal license to conduct commercial activities.

Net income for the second quarter of 2017 – 634 000 000 PHP. Total assets – 22 600 000 000 PHP – for the third quarter of 2017. 

Ownership of the EastWest Bank

The Bank is constantly increasing the number of branches. Relatively recently, large financial companies were acquired:

  • Green Bank (formerly called Green Bank of Caraga) – is one of the largest agricultural banks in the country;
  • Standard Chartered Bank Philippines-specializes in providing personal loans.

Green Bank mainly provided services to individuals primarily: farmers, small companies and state-owned enterprises. It is thanks to Green Bank EastWest was able to work in the microfinance market. Prior to the merger with Green Bank was a pioneer in the field of mortgage lending. He worked in a program designed to accelerate economic transformation in the country. Agricultural activities were promoted.

Standard Chartered Bank Philippines specialized in issuing credit cards, personal loans to individuals. He managed capital and deposits of depositors. All retail accounts, offices and employees of SCB PH were transferred to EasrWest on November 27, 2016.

EW joined immediately after the creation of BancNet-in 1994. It is an associative member. Has the right to use the network services. There is no right to vote in the Association. At the end of 2000, EW acquired a shareholding. That gave the right to vote. EastWest is divided into several main divisions:

  • EastWest Ageas-life insurance Corporation;
  • Quest Marketing and Integrated Services;
  • Assurance Solutions-industrial risk insurance;
  • EastWest Insurance Brokerage, Inc.

Main branches and ATMs of the EastWest Bank

The Bank in question is one of the largest in the Philippines. Because it is easy to find an ATM, a branch to obtain services. The headquarters is located in Manila, in the Philippines. In 2016, the total number of ATMs was 580. Branches – 445.

Most offices have a standard mode of operation: Monday to Friday. Also excluded from the schedule of holidays, non-working days. Working hours: from 9.00 to 17.00-17.30. The exact time may vary depending on the region selected by the branch customer. For accurate, up-to-date information about the mode of operation is to visit the official website of the Bank. There is a special map-locator. With its help you can find the nearest branch.


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