7 ways to make money sitting at home in the time of COVID-19

In December 2019, a new type of Pneumonia that doesn’t respond to conventional treatment regimes bewildered doctors in Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei province in China. On further analysis, scientists identified that a new strain of Corona Viruses, initially known as novel coronavirus, as the primary cause for this epidemic like situation.

COVID-19, is the panic unwarranted?

It makes a significant volume of people to assume that the fear of COVID-19 is a bit exaggerated.

But all people have to accept that COVID-19 spreads exponentially and has no respect for any boundaries. The WHO declared COVID-19 as a pandemic on March 11, 2019, just around three months from its first occurrence.  Well, the bad news there is no specific treatment for COVID-19, but  the good news is the fatality rates are much lower than SARS or MERS.

When calamities such as floods or political instabilities happen, the unaffected countries can help the population to recover. But in this case, COVID-19 affects all nations, and each one is experiencing severe resource crunch. It makes external assistance for the recovery of needy neighbors impossible.

It’s not fear mongering. COVID-19, with its far-reaching impacts, is a potential threat to human life on this planet.

Why Quarantine?

Throughout the world, governments are forcefully implementing lockdowns or quarantines, amidst the stringent objection of citizens. What pushes the governments to adhere to such drastic steps that cost them politically and economically?

COVID-19 spreads through respiratory droplets. When an infected person sneezes or coughs, he expels thousands of air droplets containing the viruses to the surroundings. These droplets land on different surfaces, and when a person gets into contact with these surfaces, he is exposed to the infection. Since it is a new virus, our knowledge about its longevity, interactions, and response to environmental parameters is quite limited. Some studies indicate that the virus can survive even for days on certain surfaces.

It means visiting shopping malls, using public transport systems, or even social etiquettes such as shaking hands with another one too can make you sick with COVID-19. The only ways to tackle the menace are Social distancing, Respiratory Hygiene, and frequent washing of hands using soaps and sanitizers.

A highly populated country like the Philippines, with its fun-loving, socially active citizens, is highly susceptible to a massive outbreak of COVID-19 infection. Difficult situations require unprecedented strategies, and such a lockdown is essential to protect the life of each Filipino.

How to earn money while you are in quarantine?

Working from home is a popular method for the IT and ITES sectors. But for others, stripping their worldly contacts even for a day can affect their business prospects.

If you’re one of them, you need to think about extra sources of income. However, any crisis brings with it new opportunities. Think about it, because now you have time to do what you wanted to do, to realize your talents and make money.

We have collected some interesting income ideas for you, available to those Filipinos who are quarantined at home. The article will especially interest those people who currently don’t have enough money for a comfortable life. Let’s list some of the additional revenue sources during this challenging period for cushioning the impacts of COVID-19 are.

  1. Community Delivery Kitchen

A reasonable number of the elderly population and differently-abled people are unable to purchase groceries or prepare food for themselves. They depend heavily on hotels, eateries, or online food chains for their daily food requirements.

But the strict quarantine reduced their accessibility for such avenues and made regular food availability a gnawing issue. Not everyone has relatives who live with them and can take care of their elderly relatives. In addition, people are now deprived of the opportunity to go to the usual cheap hypermarket with a large selection of products and are forced to buy food in the small shop that is near their home. You’ve also heard of delivery services being overloaded and often late, and taking advantage of demand to increase prices.

You can start preparing food for such people and earn a living. Since you make food based on the orders, there is no need for huge investments. You can even expand it to a community kitchen through the association of like-minded people or can make a regular income through tie-ups with hotels or food delivery chains.

Think about how you will make contactless delivery and how you will tell about your services. Social networking and chats in messengers will help you.

  1. Hand Sanitizer and Soap Manufacturing 

Hand Sanitizers and Soaps are the only weapons in our arsenal for combating the coronaviruses. A considerable number of people engage in panic buying and stocks a large pile of soaps and sanitizers as a precautionary measure. Disinfectors

and sanitizers are becoming more expensive, pharmacies are raising prices higher and higher because demand for these products is increasing.

You’d be surprised, but production of soaps or sanitizers is not rocket science. It doesn’t require any expensive machines, and you can start it even in your room itself.

There are a lot of tutorial videos posted on YouTube, watch and wonder how easy it is. Ingredients for them are inexpensive and available. You will be able to provide sanitizers for yourself and your family, thus saving on your purchase. Well, if business goes well, you can make money on the sale.

  1. Face Mask Production 

Even though medical professionals discourage the usage of face masks for non-infected personnel, people extensively use

it to avoid any risks. Besides, the masks need regular replacements after a few hours.

It creates a high demand for masks. For starting a face mask manufacturing unit, a sewing machine is the only requirement. There is no requirement for any formal training or infrastructure investments.

Find the patterns on the Internet, buy good fabrics with the original drawings (you can order materials in the online store with a courier, so as not to leave home).

  1. Start a YouTube channel

Quarantine means a lot of free time to pursue your dreams too. You can start your youtube channel using your Smartphone.

It could be anything such as Do It Yourself videos, product reviews, Yoga classes, Fitness training, or even some entertainment materials to relive the stress of isolation during the quarantine period. Once you cross the stipulated subscribers or viewers, you will begin to receive your remuneration.

You can also earn a living by conducting online classes on subjects such as trading, investment, or any area of your expertise by charging subscription fees. At the same time you will distract from sad thoughts and solve the problem, what to do in the evenings. It’s very nice when you can be useful to people.

  1. Online Consultancy

Unlike in the past, all your customers now live in the online world. Why can’t you switch your consultation to resonate with the customer requirements?

COVID-19 will be the most ruthless job-killer of the immediate future. It means the purchasing capacity of people will be lower, and it translates to hard times for every business.All governments, including Philippine Congress, are infusing markets with stimulus packages to combat a recession. If you are a banker or financial consultant, you provide expert guidance to your customers for the efficient use of available options to overcome the difficulties. Even better, if you already have a database of clients who know you as a great specialist. Offer them Skype or Wattsapp consultation services.

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  1. Digital Marketing 

The time can’t be better for any digital marketer than now. Across the globe, people spend most of their time on smartphones and various social media platforms.

Well-orchestrated digital marketing activities will significantly enhance your brand penetration levels and brand recall values. It will help the company to generate quality leads and improve conversions even after the quarantine period.

In addition, many free or low-cost online courses and lectures on digital marketing are now open. You can increase your level of knowledge and put it into practice right away.

  1. Gig economy

Entrepreneurs were skeptical about the efficiency or remote management and were apprehensive in employing freelancers for their job requirements.

COVID-19 forced the companies to offer work from home for their employees. It gave an ample opportunity for employers to have the first-hand experience in managing remote employees. It made the companies confident in employing freelancers for their projects. You can make an entry into the Gig economy by offering your services in various areas such as content writing, video editing, website development, graphic design, or accounting as per your skills.

Pay attention to various online markets where freelancers offer their services. Try yourself as a text writer, photographer, designer. Perhaps you can mount or sound a video? Try yourself in different areas, and you will definitely find yours!

Back to Normalcy, a distant dream?


We have decoded the complete genome sequence of the virus within three months. One of the vaccines is already

undergoing clinical trials, and a few others are waiting for approval. Political leaders, Scientists, and even religious leaders work together and provide unreserved support to combat the issue.

The research labs are working at a breathtaking pace. The religious clerics join the fight by closing down their places of worship and pilgrimages.

The human race evolved through challenges, and the entire world is united to rescue humanity from the shackles of this spiked virus.

Yes, this too shall pass, for sure. 



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