United Coconut Planters Bank

Various banking and financial institutions are represented in the Philippine financial market. They are engaged in serving the population, private and public companies. One of the most significant players is United Coconut Planters Bank. It has a widely developed branch network, a large customer base. The institution demonstrates stable financial performance of its activities and actively implements the latest technologies in its work.

The history of development

United Coconut Planters Bank (abbreviated name UCPB) is one of the oldest banks in the Philippines, founded in 1963. Today, the institution is the leader of the country’s banking sector, which offers its services to private clients, businessmen, large corporations and state enterprises.

UCPB is the first private bank in the Philippines, which received universal status. In 1981, it was granted an extended license, thanks to which it was able to provide a full list of commercial transactions.

Today, the bank and its subsidiaries serve customers throughout the country. UCPB has credit programs developed for different categories of borrowers. The following products are available to them: consumer and commercial lending, investment and corporate banking, domestic and international trade financing, investment in cash and treasury operations.

The bank has always been an innovator in its field. Thus, the first one in the Philippines launched a network of ATMs in the late 80s. At the moment, much attention is paid to remote customer service. Telephone, mobile and internet banking are successfully functioning in UCPB. With these services, users make banking transactions on billions of pesos.

UCPB is actively involved in the development of rural areas. Residents of the coconut provinces can take advantage of various credit programs aimed at improving their quality of life. For farmers and their wives, the bank arranges various trainings that help build a successful business.

Due to its versatility, an institution can successfully compete with banks such as Metrobank, Unibank, BPI, the Land Bank of the Philippines.

The cooperation with UCPB has the following advantages:

At the heart of the strengths of the UCPB:

  • high quality customer service, focus on their needs;
  • well-developed branch network of ATMs and self-service devices;
  • deep knowledge of doing business in the Philippines, acquired over 40 years of work;
  • regular support for small farmers who work on their coconut plantations;
  • reliability and stability, financial support for each client;
  • loan programs aimed at different categories of borrowers.

UCPB also includes subsidiaries: UCPB Sberbank, UCPB Securities, Inc., UCPB Leasing and Finance Corporation. The bank does not forget about charitable activities. Gifted students from coconut provinces can get scholarships to study in prestigious schools.

Owners of the UCPB

UCPB was originally founded as a small private bank. Due to competent management and talented top managers, the bank achieved high results and today it is among the top twenty largest banks in the Philippines. Until 2012, 72.2% of UCPB shares belonged to business magnate Eduardo Danding Kohuanko Jr. In the 70s, he acquired securities of the financial institution at the cost of coconut fees incoming to the state budget.

In 2012, the Supreme Court of the Philippines ruled that the transaction to purchase shares of United Coconut Planters Bank was illegal. Since they were acquired at the expense of budget funds, respectively, the owner of the bank is the state. Today the UCPB belongs to the Philippine government. But in recent years there is an active talk about possible privatization of the institution. It is quite possible that soon the bank owners will change.

Main branches and ATMs of the UCPB

At the moment, the branch network of UCPB includes 188 offices. In offices the client can receive detailed consultation on the product he interested in, draw up a contract. Bank staff are professionals in their field. They are completely customer oriented, ready to help him on any issue.

Standard financial transactions can also be performed at ATMs, which the bank has over 300 devices. Thanks to well-developed online banking services, users have the opportunity to perform financial transactions 24 hours a day.

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