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Many people have already forgotten about the endless queues in the stuffy banking offices – оnline lending became commonplace. Many companies issue easy loan online without collateral, guarantors and the collection of numerous documents. It isn’t necessary to wait a long time for the application to be approved, the whole procedure for issuing funds takes about an hour.


Know what type of quick loan you need?

There are two main categories online loans same day:

The first of them – debt obligations, which must be secured by collateral. They are used most often for small businesses, home purchases or as personal online lending.

Unsecured online lending – debt obligations that do not require collateral. This type of borrowing is a small amount, it is issued quickly, but at a higher interest rate.

There are several easy loans that you can take:

  1. Personal lending: may be secured or unsecured. It is taken for any needs.
  2. Payday Loan – fast money with high interest rates. It is necessary to take them in extreme cases.
  3. Salary Loans Online – good option if you have regular income.
  4. Student Loans are taken to pay for education with deferred interest or payment after completion of study.
  5. Car Title Loans – loan is issued depending on the value of the car.
  6. Car Loans – car loans for car purchase.
  7. Peer to peer Loan – a new type of loan issuance that helps get rid of debt with the help of the community of creditors.
  8. Home Equity Loans – borrowing from the capital of your own home.

Before receiving money, carefully read the contract, which must be signed. Specify the interest rate, the possibility of early repayment and penalties for late payments. On our site you can choose companies with flexible and favorable terms.

Most Popular Filipino Companies

Online Loans with no Interest on First Loan

Citibank Philippines
(3,5/5) 163 voice
from to days
(3.7/5) 12 voice

JuanHand App

We lend our hand to save another Juan

PHP 2000 - 12000
from 91 to 180 days
interest rate
for 12% per day
Online Loans
(4.61/5) 499 voice

Online Loans Pilipinas

Money in your pocket in minutes!

PHP 2000 - 20000
from 7 to 30 days
interest rate
for 1% per day
Money Cat
(4,42/5) 243 voice

Money Cat

Fast, simple and safe

PHP 1000 - 20000
from 14 to 28 days
interest rate
for 2,5 per day
(4,79/5) 1597 voice

Robocash Ph

Free loan up to PHP 10 000, for each new client!

PHP 1 000 - 10 000
from 7 to 180 days
interest rate
for 0 % per day
Cash Mart
(4.33/5) 489 voice

Cash Mart

The most convenient loan!

PHP 5000 - 30000
from 7 to 30 days
interest rate
for 0,8% - 3,5% per day
(3.98/5) 435 voice


The most convenient loan!

PHP 2500 - 15000
from 10 to 90 days
interest rate
for 0,83% per day
(3.59/5) 1324 voice


Cash Made Easy

PHP 5000 - 15000
from 7 to 35 days
interest rate
for 1% per day
(4,41/5) 325 voice
PHP 5000 - 35000
from 90 to 365 days
interest rate
for 0,5 % per day
24 pera
(4,76/5) 854 voice

24 pera

Probability of approval is 95%!

PHP 1000 - 100000
from 61 to 365 days
interest rate
for 1,28% per day
(3,17/5) 41 voice


The guide about personal loan in the Philippines

PHP 1000 - 10000
from 7 to 60 days
interest rate
for 0,5%. per day
(4,72/5) 521 voice
PHP 5000 - 10000
from 30 to 60 days
interest rate
for 0.8% per day
(4,64/5) 378 voice
PHP 2000 - 20000
from 30 to 90 days
interest rate
for 1% per day
Loan Load
(4.6/5) 627 voice

Loan Load

Round-the-clock loans in the Philippines

PHP 5000 - 50000
from 61 to 365 days
interest rate
for 2,3% per day
(4.73/5) 876 voice


Credit online!

PHP 3000 - 10000
from 5 to 30 days
interest rate
for 0,65% per day
(4,3/5) 357 voice


Sa Tala, magaan ang hiraman

PHP 1000 - 25000
from 21 to 30 days
interest rate
for 0,5% per day
(4,55/5) 258 voice
PHP 1000 - 10000
from 15 to 45 days
interest rate
for 0,3316 % per day
My cash
(4.1/5) 557 voice

My cash

Urgent loans for all!

PHP 2000 - 25000
from 7 to 30 days
interest rate
for 0,8% per day
Global Dominion Financing Incorporated
(3,45/5) 226 voice
PHP 10000 - 2000000
from to days
interest rate
for 1.25 per day
(4,55/5) 372 voice
PHP 10000 - 100000
from 180 to 365 days
interest rate
for 1,35% per day
MoneyTree Quick Loan
(3.7/5) 351 voice

MoneyTree Quick Loan

We make it quick and simple

PHP 2000 - 10000
from 15 to 180 days
interest rate
for from 0,33% per day

Easy Cash Loan

You can get short-term cash loans in financial companies of the Philippines. Many of them have offices where you can take the necessary amount in cash. This option will be suitable for those who do not have a bank account or credit card. Another way to get cash is to contact one of the banks that are ready to issue the money in hands. However, you should be prepared for the fact that banks impose higher demands on their borrowers.

Requirements for borrowers may differ from company to company. But for the most part they are standard.

Types of Personal Loans in the Philippines

Often it’s necessary to take a personal loan without collateral. In case of the absence of real estate and a car, this type of financing carries risks for bankers. There are such quick online loans in the Philippines:

  1. Fixed term lending. Many financial institutions require that debt be extinguished every month within a year, a year and a half, two or three years. If you choose a shorter period, you will have to pay the highest balance, but the interest will be lower than with a larger lending period.
  2. With a fixed amount. You can take from 10 000 to 1 million Php, if you receive the approval of the application. The real amount depends on the income and the state of the credit history. If they are alright, then the lender will consider the largest possible loan.
  3. With a fixed interest rate. With a few exceptions, personal loans have fixed interest rates that do not change throughout the lending period.

Personal loan in the Philippines are also divided by purpose of their use and collateral requirements from the customer. Citizens of the country use them for the following reasons:

  • payment of existing debt;
  • repair and reconstruction of the house;
  • for vacation and travel;
  • for tuition fees;
  • to buy electronics;
  • on the development and opening of business;
  • payment for medical care;
  • to buy a car;
  • for a wedding celebration.

Secured and Unsecured Loans

In the Philippines, there are secured and unsecured loans. For the first you need to provide a collateral to secure the debt (property, transport, deposit account in the bank). If repayment is not possible, the property is charged to pay the debt. Such lending is beneficial to financial institutions, so they issue large sums at small interest.

Unsecured loans are obtained without collateral, so you can borrow money online instantly. Depending on the company, you can borrow from 10 000 to 1 million Php. The repayment terms also vary from a week to a year. When drawing up an unsecured loan, proof of creditworthiness is required. To do this, collect information from the tax inspectorate and from work, payment receipts. Fast loan approval online this way is guaranteed.

The advantages of online cash loans are as follows:

  • minimum requirements to the borrower;
  • no guarantor and proof of income required;
  • minimum of documents;
  • credit history is not checked;
  • the likelihood of approval of the application is more than 95%.

Before registering it is important to read the terms. If you need an amount for a short period, then contacting financial companies will be the most correct decision. But if you need to take a loan for more than 30 days, it is better to contact a regular bank of the Philippines.

Online Travel Loans

Some banks have special programs for travel loans. As a rule, such loans are provided for several months. Requirements for age and citizenship are mandatory in all companies without exception. At the same time, lack of credit history and the presence of delays do not mean refusal. Collateral will increase the chances of approval. If you have a car or other property, you can get a quick loan online of up to 25% of their value.

The terms of travel loans

  • loan term from 1 day to 365 days;
  • amount, PHP – from 1000 to 300 000;
  • A short-term loan will make the overpayment minimal. But the amount of monthly repayment increases. Overpayment is maximum for a period of 36 months, with a minimum monthly payment. The maximum limit may vary depending on the income and credit history of the borrower. Lack of debt increases the likelihood of approval of the application.
  • Bad credit history and lack of a permanent source of income will be the cause of rejection.

Requirements to the borrower

  • at least 18 years old at the time of application;
  • Philippine citizenship;
  • availability of a permanent source of income.

Seaman Loans and OFW loans

In the current economic situation, the contribution of Philippine workers working abroad (OFW) as well as seamen is huge for the country.

Taking into account the high solvency, Philippine banks are ready to provide employees with any kind of loans (OFW and Seaman loans).

In general, the conditions for Philippine workers who apply to state banks and private financial institutions for a loan are the same. The main condition is the presence of at least one year of work at the last place. This rule applies to individuals, workers both domestically and abroad.

Foreign workers and seamen have certain privileges: the size of their income allows them to apply for larger loans. And if the experience of working with a stable income is at least three years, then you can no doubt apply for a mortgage in the social security system (SSS) at favorable rates.

Loans for pensioners

Loans for pensioners can now be drawn up by submitting an online application on the microfinance company website. To do this, you must fill out the appropriate form, as well as familiarize yourself with the contract, accept its terms and sign it. In case of approval, a easy loan can be obtained either in cash at the company’s office or into your bank account.

The advantages of loan for pensioners

Loans for pensioners also have such advantages:

  • Flexible repayment term. If a borrower has unforeseen circumstances that will not allow him to repay the loan in a timely manner, the microfinance organization can extend the maturity.
  • The speed of consideration of the application. Pensioners can receive money into their account within a few hours after submitting the application.  Microfinance organizations consider customer requests immediately upon receipt.
  • Transparent conditions. Small loans for pensioners have no hidden fees. To find out the full cost of repayment before signing the contract, you can use the credit calculator.

The best loans for pensioners are provided on such conditions:

  • borrower’s age – up to 70 years (loans to individuals over 70 years can be issued on an individual basis in case of a satisfactory state of health of the borrower);
  • minimum pension – 10 thousand pesos;
  • loan for pensioners is issued only if there is a co-borrower;
  • loan term from 1 day to 2 years;
  • The borrower must provide contact and personal details of the nearest relatives.

Build a good credit rating

A good credit rating should be formed as early as possible. To do this, you must timely repay debts. If you have violated the payment rights, you should try to agree on a deferment with bank employees.

You shouldn’t take a lot of loans. If you lose your source of income, you risk being on the list of fraudulent non-payers. In building a good credit history you need to be consistent, following the rules for many years.

What is Credit Report?

A credit report is a detailed breakdown of an individual’s credit history prepared by a credit bureau. This organization collects financial information about individuals and creates special reports based on the information received. Lenders use these documents along with other criteria to determine the solvency of borrowers and lend them money.

The credit report contains the following sections:

  • borrower ID;
  • credit history;
  • court decisions, bankruptcies, tax violations.

The organization collects this information from public sources and from partners. Such information is beneficial both to TransUnion and banks. When you request a quick loan in the Philippines, they review this data.

Can you still borrow with bad credit history?

If you have a bad credit history, then you can not count on fast loan approval online in the bank. However, there are companies that deal with the issuance of money and with a spoiled credit rating. Before submitting an application, including an emergency loan online, you need to familiarize yourself with all the offers. Many organizations lend money online even with a spoiled history.

To receive money it is necessary to meet certain requirements:

  • have a source of steady income;
  • be an adult citizen between the ages of 18 and 60;
  • have a bank account;
  • own a valid mobile phone number.

To submit an application for loans online you will need ID and documents, confirming your income. Screenshots from a bank account or a card statement are suitable for this purpose. To receive loans online without bank account a collateral is required.

Choose the right Lender

If you have short-term money needs, it is recommended to take micro-loans.

To select the right source for online lending, you need to use the Internet. On our aggregator site, we compare the banks and financial institutions of the Philippines. You can choose favorable rates and flexible debt repayment options.

Borrow for the right reasons

There are several ways to lend money online. If you need to apply urgently, use these tips to help you quickly pass the check and fast loan approval online:

First you need to prepare the documents. ID and documents, proving your income are usually required. You can find out in advance the requirements of the organization and thoroughly prepare for them.

If you have a bad credit history, choose companies that do not attach importance to rating.

Make out the documents correctly. Check for errors and inaccuracies. Provide only real and accurate information. Lenders can easily check everything with their own sources. If incorrect information is found, they will refuse you.

You should avoid several applications for online lending. There is a misconception that the chances of getting cash are increasing with many applications. In fact, lenders may think that you are in great need of money and you will take it in different places and disappear without paying. Therefore, contact a trusted institution, where they issue microloans without refusal.

When to take Business & Personal Loans

Business online lending is intended solely for the purpose of financing business activities. It is aimed at developing and opening a business. Since the amount of such loans is much higher personal, so they are more risky for banks. Applications for their receipt include a lot of documents, by which evaluate:

  • personal credit rating of a business owner;
  • credit history of the company;
  • time period in business;
  • cash flows;
  • profitability;
  • annual income.

Since lenders have tough requirements, it may be difficult for businesses, especially new ones, to provide online lending. Often it requires assets. Such loans need to be taken by businessmen standing firmly on their feet.

Business online lending is issued to enterprises to finance their activities. Financial companies issue personal loans to individuals. It is much easier to get them than a business online loan; they have lower interest rates. Novice entrepreneurs can take personal loans with more attractive conditions for small business development.

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